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Songsalive! workshop and lunch July 21 in North Hollywood

Guest Speaker Alan Roy Scott
Songsalive!, the largest international non-profit organization supporting, promoting and educating songwriters and composers worldwide since 1997 – brings you another songwriting workshop with GUEST SPEAKER Alan Roy Scott + your opportunity to receive a song critique. (Topic: Craft Still matters)

Are you a songwriter willing to take your songs to the next level? Workshop your songs to be the best they can be, and get them out to the world. The Songsalive! Workshops are open to all songwriters, composers, musicians, singers and music lovers and we’ve been doing this for 15 years!!!!

This is your chance to develop your songwriting in a supportive and intimate environment, meet invaluable music industry experts, network with fellow members, and be part of your local songwriters community. The first half is solely dedicated to an in-the-round critique workshop where writers present one song each - either on CD or live - with feedback and critique given by a guest speaker or the Songsalive! moderator (who in turn may encourage audience comments if time allows). The second half is dedicated to a Music Industry educational and informative discussion/talk, often with an industry guest speaker, and plenty of time to talk and network.
TIME: Starts 12:00pm SHARP. Ends at 3:00pm. Do not be late.

WHERE:  Cahuenga General Store
5510 Cahuenga Blvd, North Hollywood, CA
(Just north of Magnolia and Chandler, on East side of street)
Please order lunch to support the venue

COST: Songsalive! Pro Members – Free;  Non-members -  $10. Join on our website.
As a professional songwriter for over 25 years, and Patron of Songalive!, Alan Roy Scott's songs have been recorded by Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Notorious B.I.G., Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper. Patti LaBelle, Neville Bros. Roberta Flack, El DeBarge, Tiffany, Patti Austin, The Spinners, Oak Ridge Boys, Anne Murray, Pointer Sisters, Sheena Easton, and Ray Charles among many. His work also has been featured in Films and TV shows such as "Top Gun", "Coming To America", "Karate Kid III", "Summer School", "Fame", "Fame/LA", "Santa Barbara", "Guiding Light", "Melrose Place", & "Beverly Hills 90210" among others. He was awarded a prestigious Third Century Award by the US Patent & Copyright Board to honor his achievements in the international arena. He served as well on the Board of Directors of the National Academy of Songwriters (NAS) in Hollywood for 4 years. He is also a 20 year voting member of NARAS, the academy that produces and presents the annual "Grammy"  
A discussion about the basic elements of songwriting and the use of "contrast" through examples and analysis of a few current songs, and why this is still so important in the current musical times and how things have changed, and just as importantly as far as songwriting goes, the ways things have NOT changed.  
RSVP IS MANDATORY TO PARTICIPATE and conditions apply. Go to

1. You MUST RSVP through our Meetup site and answer all questions in order to attend.

(Arrivals without RSVP may be turned away due to limited seating.)

You have till 7pm Saturday before the workshop to RSVP.

If you RSVP "Yes" and then are unable to attend, please be so kind as to update your RSVP to “no” before 7pm Sat night (night before workshop). If you are a "No Show" you jeopardize your ability to participate next time.

2. Arrive and sign in before 12:00pm. Late arrivals are waitlisted and post 12.30pm arrivals may be turned away. Please stay for full workshop till 3pm.

1. Members and Non-Members can attend the Workshop, however, ONLY EligibleSongsalive! Pro Members can present their song for critique or pitch.

Not your first time (First timers need to come and audit the class. Watch, listen, learn. You can offer critique and questions where applicable).

Being a member of does not constitute being a Pro Member of Songsalive!

2. First timers (whether Member or Non-Member) may only watch/audit their first workshop (not present a song), but can participate in question/answer segment. 

3. Song Critiques are randomly chosen from Eligible Pro Members, only watch. Workshop starts on time, 12 noon. Simply put, if you want to be considered to present a song, you MUST ARRIVE BEFORE 11.55am to sign in. 

We cannot guarantee all eligible songwriters will get an opportunity to present a song. It depends on # of attendees.

1. The first half is a song critique session. Then there is a break. Then the Speaker talks, followed by questions. It takes the full 3 hours.

2. MEDIA:  Eligible Pro Member songwriters presenting a song for critique/pitch must:
     a. Bring at least 20 (prefer 30) typed copies of your lyric sheet (with full contact details)
     b. Bring your song on CD, iPod or perform live (bring your instrument - unplugged/no P.A). All CD's must be burned to work on a CD Player. Please check the CD first - if it won't play in your car CD then it won't work at the workshop.
     c. Have CD labeled with track number / and instruments tuned and ready.

3. Do I have to present a song for a song critique? No. You don’t need to present a song for critique to benefit from our workshop. Watch, listen, participate and meet fellow peers. It’s all part of learning. In fact, if you are not chosen to present, please understand that the workshop provides value in so many way.

4. Song critique is provided by the Guest Speaker, and if time, 2 or 3 comments from the floor. It is at the Guest Speaker's discretion as to how much of the song he/she wishes to hear (when to fade song) before he/she is ready to provide a valuable, educated, and expert critique.  Any song that goes longer than 4 mins will be automatically faded. Any long discussions will cut into your time.

5. The audience is encouraged to write feedback of the song on the songwriter's lyric sheet. Please hand that lyric sheet back to the songwriter after they have presented.

6. The above is a short summary. Download the Workshop Critique Rule sheet here:

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