Monday, July 1, 2013

The Rock Bottom Boys in Altadena July 16

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, CA.  Phone For Reservations:  (626) 798-6236

A unique “take” on the music of our lives. A tuneful tour d’ farce. Funny, yes, but they do the music perfectly.
They will cleanse your musical soul.  Even if it does not need a good scrubbing.

THE ROCK BOTTOM BOYS have been serving up a ‘bone-a-fied’ act since 2009 with their spine tingling four part harmonies, homespun vocal styling, boot stomping music and well-seasoned showmanship. Tried and true hits from bands like The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osborne, and Sublime are transformed into sweet ear candy when filtered through the hillbilly souls of Shank, Ray Haney, on Bass guitar, Big Tone, Tony Quinn, on lead guitar, J.R., James Salters, on washboard and Lucky Coot, Charles Hurley, on banjo and jug.  Their new millennium vaudeville approach excites and entertains all ages with nostalgic recollection, irreverent humor and visual spectacle. From the far away hills of Northern California.
Bob Stane says:  Do not under rate this act.  This is at the top of the food chain. At first glance, The Rock Bottom Boys look like your average hillbilly bluegrass band. That, however, couldn't be further from the truth. The Rock Bottom Boys' (RBB) unique and original approach to classic rock 'n' roll songs filtered through the eyes and ears of hillbillies, has been humorously compared to a train wreck, "you just can’t turn away".  
  A closer look reveals an innovative approach to musical entertainment. RBB blends the oldies, classic rock and bluegrass into a melting pot of American music. With unparalleled four part harmonies, their vocal interpretations turn even the hardest rock tunes into great group sing a longs. 

  The Rock Bottom Boys pride themselves on being more than just a band, they are a tried and true act. Having cut their teeth playing various Fairs and Festivals throughout the West, they have honed their sense of humor, showmanship and versatility to offer a great entertainment value to any venue.    
Tuesday, July 16. Show @ 8:00 P.M. Tixs: $15

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