Friday, January 26, 2007

End o' week musings

Here I am (no not above- that's bears in someone's yard in Alaska, and no not to the right- that's Boodles, the liquor store cat on duty), at the end of another exciting - and weird - week. The eerie factor actually began last Friday, when I started my three-day foray at NAMM, the world's second largest music industry trade show.
It was held at the Anaheim Convention Center and I spent my time networking, gathering story ideas, catching up with old friends and, most importantly, working with San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group Staff Photographer/Videographer Keith Durflinger on capturing the action to bring it to our readers. To see what we did, visit select any paper, then scroll down the "front page" to the video/audio galleries, from here select NAMM Show for an overview and then click on any artist or company interviews that interest you. There's also a photo gallery with lots of stills.
My personal highlights were mixed with moments ala strange... I'll just offer you one per day so you get the idea.
Friday: Ronnie James Dio has given me and my belly dance partner permission to use his music in our performances. I wanted to stop and thank him again, as his selection went over well when we danced with our swords at the Body Art Expo last week, but alas, it was sooo busy at the Dean Markley booth that I couldn't just sneak up to the counter, so I got in line with everyone else. A nicely dressed man asked me how I was doing and I shared my dilemma and added that it was OK to be in line, but it would be a loooong wait. He agreed and then walked away (as he left, I noticed that his nametag indicated that he was working at the booth). He returned about 10 minutes later (the line had NOT moved) and asked, "Are you the dancer?" I nodded and he took me behind the counter straight to Dio! The entire band greeted me with big hugs and smiles. I chatted with them and they gave me their latest promo picture - autographed - as my "lovely parting gift."
Saturday: I scored! I landed the opportunity to interview Jim Marshall, the man who created Marshall Amps. Talking with him is truly capturing a piece of living history and an honor. Keith was filming and snapping away as we spoke about the past- Jim's time on stage, today- the importance of the NAMM show and the future- what's next for Marshall? Then Jim wanted to give me a kiss... well, let's just say that he definitely enjoyed his kiss. As for me, Jim's a good kisser, but I did feel a bit awkward! Hmmmm... some people touch history, but it seems that history kisses me! lol!
Sunday: I considered spending my day lazing on the couch, but duty called... rather, Keith called and said we really needed to go back to NAMM for some more footage and photos. The realm of weird came in the form of good luck this day- we ran into Marvin "Smitty" Smith, the drummer for the "Tonight Show" and managed to snag a wonderful interview. We also caught a few cool products- the Guitar Kickstand by Sound Innovations, the newest designs by Daisy Rock guitars, the latest beauties from Sparrow guitars and a wealth of awesome picks boasting Disney characters and more from Hot Picks.
I'll break down the rest of my week quickly: 1. I received an invitation to sing with a band for a benefit for a plaque for Frank Zappa in Rancho Cucamonga, 2. I learned from a flyer that I am booked to dance at a rock show on Valentine's Day (my friends thought I would do it, but forgot to ask- I'll do it of course) and 3. I have been enlisted for another "Bellevue saga" play for charity with Show of Support Productions in July. I am one busy grrrl!!
On rotation this week: Orange Sky, Requisite, Joe Walla, Trash Daddy.
Look for adventure 'cuz life is too short and remember to~
keep on rockin'

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