Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Showdown's sophomore release out on Feb. 20

This February 20th The Showdown Is Set To Release “Temptation Come My Way"!

The Showdown returns from a European tour with Norma Jean just in time for their release. The Showdown more than ups the ante as “Temptation Comes My Way” is over two years in its creation. The band put painstaking effort into making this record flawless. And as strong as their debut effort was, the new release is as The Black Album was to Ride The Lightning. The production, provided by Paul Ebersold (Three doors Down, Saliva) is huge, and reminiscent of a different era. A better era. An era when it was about songs, not just brutality. There is as much classic metal influence as there is heavy rock. Think Iron Maiden, pre-Load Metallica, and Stone Temple Pilots. Choruses, verses, bridges. Dramatic song writing, that is not just seventeen riffs, randomly pieced together, with a fifteen-word song title. Six of the twelve tracks even have cowbell and every song has an epic guitar solo!

The Showdown have cut their teeth by touring with Flyleaf, Blindside, Trivium, Chiodos, and Pillar; while other bands are piercing their faces and donning the latest scene fashion, The Showdown is playing heavy music the way it was meant to be played-- fast, loud, fun, and real. One brush with them live or on record and you will meet a band that has something that most don't.

"We are about power, fire, pyro, oil, rocks, and heavy," adds bass player Eric Koruschak. "Whether than means rolling around town on our dirt bikes, hauling our twenty five foot trailer to a show, or starting a barbeque in a random parking lot, we want to have fun and take it to the extreme on and off the road. And our live show is 110%, 110% of the time. But we aren't about the party as a means to escape. We have joy because we have truth, and because we have been blessed. It isn't drugs and girls and alcohol, but a genuine love of life because of our blessings that gives us our attitude."

The Showdown, and their sophomore release, are not just defined by a collection
of memorable songs. Rather, the songs are a reflection of a lifestyle, a care-free, live-each-moment-as-if-it-were-your-last mentality that separates them from the rest. The members of the band themselves, and their antics on and off the road, make them resemble mythical characters, larger-than-life rock super heroes. But The Showdown want you to know that beneath the fun, beneath the mayhem, lies a sense of substance; Rock n' roll is not the end in and of itself, but just a metaphor for something greater:

On, Temptation Come My Way, The Showdown gives you the where, why, and how
of the devastation, unpredictability, and substance that has come to personify this one-of-a kind heavy metal act. Just don't ask them if they fit into the fashion of what heavy music today has become.

Frontman David Bunton proclaims: "We're Just trying to bring back masculine. We're trying to take the sensitive guy out, and bring the BAD BOY back. Just watch MTV or Fuse and they are littered with music videos of dudes who look like they are scared to be in their own band. It's all about star power, and no one has it anymore. If it gets any worse I'm going to just put 'Enter Sandman' on repeat, then I wont have to listen to all those sensitive feminine bands crying and whining. We are going to stuff those jokers in trash cans and give them swirlies."

"We take nothing for granted. We could just as easily be at home, but we are so fortunate to be able to do this," Bunton explains. "And whether we are writing, touring, or just hanging out with kids at our shows, we are going to do it to the best of our ability. Always extreme, always killer. We know you are going to feel the two years of work we put into this thing. We know this is just the beginning."

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