Monday, April 9, 2007

The Curse prepare debut release


In the 1980’s, many New Jersey-based metalheads witnessed the emergence of two bands that rocketed out of the metal underground - Overkill and Hades. Come 2007, the leaders of each band - Overkill singer Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth and Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo – have joined forces in a new band, The Cursed, who are readying the release of their debut full-length, ‘Room Full of Sinners,’ on May 22nd , via the Screaming Ferret label.

Along with bassist Job the Raver and drummer Mike Cristi, the group spent much of the spring and summer of 2006 writing and rehearsing new material. “Leven Als God in Frankrijk” brings to mind vintage Motorhead, while the album’s first single, “Evil, in the Bag” wouldn’t sound out of place on one of Black Sabbath’s early ‘70s classic albums. ‘Room Full of Sinners’ also benefits greatly from the sound of a band that hasn’t been processed through ProTools – it sounds pretty darn close to standing in the middle of the group’s rehearsal space while they let it rip. As a result, The Cursed will undoubtedly appeal to headbangers who like their metal lean and mean.

Shock jocks Opie and Anthony have been among the band’s first supporters, as the duo has featured The Cursed music on both their website as well as their radio show. And according to Mediabase, since “Evil, in the Bag” was first serviced to radio in February, the song has been heard by an estimated 60,000 people.

The buzz on The Cursed will only grow stronger in the coming months, as nationwide teaser ads in print(magazines and newspapers) have been running for months and will continue to run. Heavy Internet promotion and ad banners will also appear through genre specific sites, as well as the Myspace and Screaming Ferret Wreckords sites. Also, the video for "Evil, in the Bag" will be serviced to all online outlets, with MTV2’s ‘Headbangers Ball’ having expressed positive feedback to multiple spins.
Songs from ‘Room Full of Sinners’ include:
1) Sweeter
2) Evil, in the Bag
3) Breaking Her Down
4) Best of the Worst
5) Native Tongue
6) Serpentine Slither
7) All's Right
8) Leven Als God in Frankrijk
9) One Time
10) Queen of the Down
11) Generate Her

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - vocals (from Overkill) Dan Lorenzo - guitar (from Hades) Mike Cristi - drums (from Non-Fiction) Job the Raver - bass (from Murder 1) For more information, go to

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