Monday, April 30, 2007

Kari Kimmel's solo effort pleasing fans

A DAY IN THE LIFE, the new album by singer/songwriter Kari Kimmel and her first solo album release ever, is spellbinding with infectious songs. To Make You Smile, the first single release, will certainly be most striking to the fans. “The verse and chorus were written in 5 minutes,” explains Kari Kimmel. “This song wrote itself as I was waiting for a friend- it just fell out.”

If you haven’t heard of Kari Kimmel, you will be familiar with her work. A music veteran at age 26, Kimmel’s music can be heard featured on box office movies such as White Chicks, Shall we Dance, Ella Enchanted as well as T.V. shows like The Gilmore Girls, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, 8 Simple Rules, Laguna Beach and The Hills to name a few.

Kimmel started playing piano at age 10 and writing for other bands in high school. By age 19 she was signed to a development deal with Atlantic Records. From Atlantic she moved to Virgin Records in 2005. She has written for artists from Disco Diva Gloria Gaynor to Kimberley Locke (American Idol runner up) in which Kimmel’s song "I could" was a hit single.

Now Kimmel is writing her own album for the first time. *A DAY IN THE LIFE is an album based on real life experiences that are either personal or about someone near and dear. Most of the songs were written in a year, and are the best songs that sonically fit Kimmel’s trademark personality. “As a songwriter I have written many songs for others singers including r&b & country performers,” Kimmel explains. I get my best ideas when I sleep, so in the middle of the night I wake up and run to the piano so I don’t lose them.

For Kari Kimmel A DAY IN THE LIFE is the beginning of an auspicious career in music, never mind that the artist creating it has been making music for 16 years.

A DAY IN THE LIFE is currently exclusive at iTunes, CD Baby, and

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