Friday, April 6, 2007

End o' week musings

If you think my world seems sort of weird this week... well, you're right! It's been a strange one full of ups and downs leaving me drained. In fact, my plans for the weekend center around sleep and just being a slug on the couch as much as possible- very unlike my usual self!
On the left, you can see my friend, Brian Rocha's latest tattoo. It's much bigger that what I thought it would be, but the artwork is terrific!
On the right, please enjoy this great "bunnies cruising for chicks" photo I found on the Web (wish I knew who to credit).
And now for my week: It began with Zaynah and I dancing at the Market at the Casbah event in Fullerton. The crowd was very receptive and we received many positive comments on our performance, as well as on our costumes- which we made ourselves! Our best compliment came from our first dance teacher, Catharae, who said we have obviously been working on our choreography! Both she and our other teacher, Shahira, beamed throughout our time on stage. You can check out Catharae at and both Catharae and Shahira at
My other joy was discovering the doggie companion to Check it out for a good giggle.
I managed to get a nasty cold during my week off and have been left with a lingering cough so I kept quiet the rest of the week. Thus my weekend plans. But I am looking forward to two exciting things next week:
On Thursday at 10 p.m., my friend Bred In Captivity will be on KUCI 88.9 FM with DJ Zeejay. You can listen in at Also visit
On Friday the 13th Nekromantix will be at the Glass House in Pomona. You can bet I'll be in the front of the stage for this awesome psychobilly band!! Learn what you're missing at
In rotation this week: Kings X, MXPX, Doctor Dream compilation featuring Cisco Kid, Bitch Funky Sex Machine, the Grabbers, 50 Lashes, etc., Ren & Stimpy's "Radio Daze," Nekromantix and Shaw/Blades.
Happy Easter,
Happy Spring,
Happy, Happy Everything!
Keep on rockin'

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