Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Unseen preparing sixth studio album

Boston based The Unseen have announced plans to release their sixth studio album, Internal Salvation, on June 19th with Hellcat Records. A follow-up to 2005’s State of Discontent, the album was recorded over the past few months in Stoughton, Massachusetts with the group’s longtime friend and producer, Jim Siegel. Armed with new material from a two year stint on the road, the band wrapped recording in late March with eleven tracks of overtly aggressive punk.

“To me the new album starts right where State of Discontent left off,” explains frontman Mark Unseen. “We are still the unseen still playing real heavy hardcore punk but we are also not afraid to make a pro sounding album or to try something a bit different sometimes. We have always wanted to stay the same band but progress a little each album.”

The Unseen give listeners a heavy dose of what’s on their mind with Internal Salvation.

“Lyrically the album is mainly about not knowing what is going on and feeling like you’re at a point where you don’t know what to do to get ahead,” says Unseen.

Featuring tracks like “In Your Place” about the over-saturation and monotony of music today and the cover song “Talking Bombs” by iconic Boston hardcore band The Freeze.

Fresh off the heels of an extensive tour of the US, Canada and Europe, The Unseen will be playing the entire 2007 Warped Tour followed by headlining US tour.

Track Listing:

1. Intro (The Brutal Truth)
2. Such Tragedy
3. At Point Break
4. Right Before Your Eyes
5. Torn And Shattered(Nothing Left)
6. Breakaway
7. Let It Go
8. No Direction
9. In Your Place
10. Left For Dead
11. Step Inside
12. Act The Part
13. Talking Bombs

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