Monday, April 30, 2007

Make your voice heard at SpotDJ

Don Imus’ shocking commentary about the women’s basketball team at Rutgers brought him center stage fame in the media. Yet, his formula, like his infamous fellow shock-jocker, Howard Stern, is the same. The two DJs don’t just cross the line between what is appropriate and saying things in poor taste, they leap over the line and run full throttle in an attempt to make every listener’s jaw drop. Isn’t it time for a new shock jock that can put a twist on this tired, old formula?

SpotDJ (, a digital community and social music database, is breaking all the old rules and searching for a fresh outlook. By enabling users to play the role of a DJ, SpotDJ is building a platform for next-generation digital radio, adding personality - the voice of bands, DJs, and fans - into the listening experience by seamlessly integrating with media players and portable media devices.

At SpotDJ, music nerds and trivia junkies can record anecdotes, news and factoids about their favorite songs and artists. The site links to iTunes so snippets, tailored to users’ tastes, pop-up when certain tracks are selected. You might even catch previously unreleased commentary from famous artists like Iggy Pop, who talks about Jim Morrison’s impact on the Stooges, or former Rolling Stone editor, Ben Fong Torres, who has recorded more than 300 spots and some are previously unreleased from interviews dating back to the ‘70’s.

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