Tuesday, December 16, 2008

David Carradine & the Cosmic Rescue Team to appear at Conscious Life Expo

Special Pre-Valentines Day Concert By Actor and Musician David Carradine & The Cosmic Rescue Team at 7th Annual Conscious Life Expo, Conference – Exhibition, Concert and Film Festival. Feb 13th 2009 at 7pm

Join David Carradine & The Cosmic Rescue Team for a rare Los Angeles musical appearance. David Carradine's "Cosmic Rescue Team" includes members of the band Soul Dogs. Soul Dogs' sound is pure Americana; a rhythmic synthesis of different flavors from Country-Rockin'-Blues to spacious ballads, spiced with classical overtones and psychedelic implications.

Though known primarily for his film and television roles, Carradine's musical background is extensive and diverse.. He has applied this experience to his acting, most notably in his portrayal of Woody Guthrie in Hal Ashby's classic movie "Bound for Glory, Bill in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films and his role in the hit television series "Kung Fu".

David Carradine will also be speaking about "Spirituality in the Arts" at The Conscious Life Expo on Sunday, Feb 15th at 2-3:30pm. Throughout history, people have used art as a means to express their spirituality. Spirituality in the Arts is a way for artists to explore spiritual themes through art & Music. Art heals the dis-ease of the modern soul, and in doing so helps us heal our bodies and our communities. Creating art and/or music takes us into an inner world of imagery and emotion far deeper than words can express. This allows us to experience and integrate parts of ourselves fragmented by our busy, productivity-oriented society. Art and music create a sense of calm and well being, and a greater connection to others, and ourselves and to the Divine.

To purchase discounted advance tickets visit www.consciouslifeexpo.com or call 800-367-5777. The Conscious Life Expo is held at The LAX Hilton 5711 W Century Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90036. Feb 13-16th 2008

About David Carradine:

David's career as an artist did not begin on the stage, though some of his early career was on and off Broadway. His earliest work was as a sculptor and painter; skills he still maintains to this day. David is also an accomplished composer, musician, musical performer and songwriter.

About Conscious Life Expo, Business Symposium and Film Festival.

The Conscious Life Expo is a 501c(3)non-profit organization whose primary intention is to participate in the conscious co-creation of a new world; a world based on new paradigms in science, health, spirituality, philosophy, conscious business and global community. It is one of the largest conferences of its kind in the U.S.A today and last year brought in nearly 12,000 attendees. In addition to the 200 plus speakers and panelists, this multi faced event includes a lively exhibit hall with great exhibitors and products and services to help the public become more aware of our ever expanding world. www.consciouslifeexpo.com

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