Friday, December 26, 2008

Donna Barnes to offer water coloring class at the Coffee Gallery

From Bob Stane of the Coffee Gallery Backstage:

Just to be a good guy, and since I am not bleating about any upcoming shows (see the web page:

I want to pass on some info per Donna Barnes and her water coloring class at The Coffee Gallery. Neat art. Go and learn:

Yes, it is that time of the year. Amongst all the fal der all of the season, it is time to decide if you want to start the new year off right, or want to go down in just another ho-hum year. Now what, you might ask could make the new year of 2009 be a watershed year, broaden your horizons, and change the way you look at life? I'll tell you right now! Learn how to paint watercolors from me - a local watercolor painter and teacher, Donna Barnes-Roberts.

And you're in luck! Right at home at the Coffee Gallery (in the conference room), I have some openings in my upcoming watercolor classes. They begin January 19th - Monday evenings (7:30PM to 10PM) or January 14th - Wednesday afternoons (1:30PM to 4PM). But you should sign up soon since there are only a few spaces left - each class can only hold 6 students.

If you want to see what kind of watercolor painting I teach - and you can possibly master - see my website at

If you want further details about the classes, you can call me at 626-791-0851, or email me at

"Art is about PASSION. And passion is beyond reason." -- Donna Barnes-Roberts

And if you would like to learn how to control (sometimes) watercolor yourself, I teach classes in Altadena. Contact me to learn how! New Classes begin the week of January 12th, so you can sign up now. However, if you want to be notified about future classes, just email me and I can add you to my list and you will be notified when openings occur. Classes are VERY small.

Go to my web site: for information about art and art clubs in the Pasadena, CA area. Plus a little arty humor, and of course information about that wonderful, nationally known watercolor artist, Donna Barnes-Roberts (me, okay). Click on my blog to see newer paintings!

I have paintings at Tirage Fine Art in Pasadena (

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