Monday, December 22, 2008

Suzanne Ciani's "Galapagos: A Musical Odyssey" to premiere on PBS

Seventh Wave Productions, the independent label of award-winning composer Suzanne Ciani, proudly announces the television premier of her stunning new film, Galapagos: A Musical Odyssey, the first ever music video of the Galapagos. Shot in hi-def on location in the Galapagos Islands by naturalist videographer Robert Grimstone, this production features up-close images of the exotic wildlife of this pristine paradise, together in harmony with Ciani's enchanting music.

Equally shot underwater and on land, it features11 entertaining and educational music videos appealing to children and adults. It will air on San Francisco Bay Area's PBS station KCSM (Digital 43/Cable 17) on Wednesday, Christmas Eve, December 24th at 8pm.

"Never before has the magic, richness and vitality of nature's most important evolutionary laboratory been captured so brilliantly with film and music," says Donald Johanson, Discoverer of Lucy and Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins. He continues, "This engaging film will leave you forever changed."

"I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit the Galapagos islands on a week-long boating expedition and had the further good fortune to meet naturalist guide Robert Grimstone," says Ciani. "This television show is the result of our collaboration to bring you a marriage of image and sound:exquisite HD images created by a cinematographer with a deep understanding of the wildlife he is filming, and my music, which has always been inspired by nature and which underscores the personalities and movements of these exotic creatures. It often seems if as if the animals are moving to the music!"

The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the world's last pristine paradises. They sit astride the equator line in the Pacific some 1,000 kilometers west of Ecuador, their sovereign country. The islands were named for their most striking resident, the giant tortoise, which on some of the islands resembles the raised front of a traditional riding Spanish saddle, a galapago.

"We enter the habitats of these islands without any sense of disturbance, where we can be part of the daily life and rituals of ancient tortoises and sea turtles, playful sea lions, majestic hammerhead sharks and silky manta rays," explains Grimstone. "This video takes you from sunrise to sunset in the pristine natural theatre where we spend quality time with wildlife that has no fear of humans."

This one hour television show, shot in 16:9 HDV, opens with an informative commentary, "An Historic Perspective," about the natural history of the Galapagos Islands and efforts to conserve them through the Charles Darwin Foundation. The main body of the show is presented as 11 music wildlife videos. For those outside of the viewing area, additional television dates for other PBS stations are presently being planned.

The DVD is also available for immediate purchase at , and from many retail and web outlets including Borders, Barnes & Noble,,,, and others. DVD options include educational animal species subtitles, 5.1 surround sound and an extended slide show.

Suzanne Ciani is a five-time Grammy nominated composer, recording artist, and pioneer in electronic music and sound design who now resides in the Bay area. She is best known for her fifteen albums of original music featuring her performances in a broad array of expressions: pure electronic, solo piano, piano with orchestra, and piano with jazz ensemble. Ciani's other two DVD's are Natura Poetica, a collection of nature videos and music, and Suzanne Ciani and the Wave Live!, featuring her first live album recording.Suzanne's award winning music is praised for its romantic, healing, and aesthetic qualities.

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