Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Whip to release debut full-length effort March 3

Already a sensation across the Atlantic, The Whip have marked their destination for the US, swaggering over across the pond in true Mancunian fashion. Their music is brimming with a 21st century sense of frustration and alienation and bringing people together on the dance floor to sweat and stomp their worries away. Their hometown rock/dance forefathers have been making us party since the birth of UK indie dance in the 80's and The Whip are now carrying the baton onwards for a new generation to enjoy.

They are releasing on March 3rd their debut full-length “X MARKS DESTINATION”, an incredible mélange of beats and melodies. The Whip craft songs with shimmering synths, clanging chords and lingering melancholy, but are also ready and willing to tackle prickly power ballads as well as the dance floor detonators - they definitely aren’t a rock band that just discovered synths last year, or merely a New Order for an iPod generation.

1 Trash
2 Frustration
3 Fire
4 Save My Soul
5 Sirens
6 Divebomb
7 Blackout
8 Muzzle #1
9 Sister Siam
10 Dubsex
11 Blackout – Shinichi Osawa Remix*
12 Muzzle # 1 – Bloody Beetroots Remix*
13 Sister Siam – Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix*
14 Trash – Crookers Remix*

*US Special Edition Bonus Material

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