Tuesday, December 30, 2008

iDrink.com offers recipes and tips for New Year's libations

If you are planning to host a New Years party this year you might be looking for some help to make it extra special or at the very least more unique. A part of most New Years Eve parties is various alcoholic drinks. Instead of just providing (or having guests bring their own) the regular beer, wine, rum, vodka and rye, why not create a theme around the drinks available.

There are various cocktails and shooters that have a Holiday theme to their names or appearance. A quick visit to http://www.idrink.com/newyears.html shows more than 25 different recipe ideas with a Holiday theme.

One idea is to setup a table with the various ingredients for the drinks with small recipe cards and the appropriate glasses so everyone can be their own bartender.

After the party is over and you have lots of leftovers you can head on over to www.idrink.com again and enter the ingredients you have to find all the other drinks you can make with them.

iDRINK has over 32000 cocktail recipes to experiment with.

Have a happy holiday season, don't over indulge and please drink responsibly.

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