Friday, December 19, 2008

End o' week musings

This week I'm finally get a touch of holiday spirit- maybe it's because I've finished all my shopping, perhaps it's because I have somewhere nice to go on Christmas day or it could be just all the extra martinis...

Last Friday I went to City Lights in Hacienda Heights to do a review of the club. Poetic License, a local cover band, was playing and a bunch of my friends showed up. Needless to say I had a great time. The drinks are inexpensive there and there's no cover charge, so it makes for a nice outing for those on a budget.

Saturday I went with my friend Valerie to her company holiday party. There was a good mariachi band who serenaded us with a few songs and a so-so- OK, pretty awful cover band. We dined on Mexican food and drank sangria. They also gave us fake money to play casino games. I played roulette and did quite well. We exchanged our winnings for raffle tickets. Valerie won the grand prize and I won the table centerpiece.

On Sunday I went to a get together at my former dance teacher Shahira's house. There were a few of the dancers I know there and lots of food and wine. We nibbled and chatted and watched dance videos and had a great time. I especially enjoyed Shahira's cats. All of them were curious and came out to join the party. Each one has a distinct personality. Hershey demands attention, while Bitsy scoots in quietly. Bonnie jumps around and plays with anything and everything, while her brother Clyde is content to watch things from a safe distance and curl up on a coat.

This week I has some interesting assignments as well. I toured the California College of Music in Pasadena. Luca Spanio, a cute Italian musician who has a penchant for performing Queen covers acoustically, came in for an interview and I had a phoner with Ruwanga Samath, the owner of Bird Call studios.

Wednesday night I met up with my drummer Ric and we went to see "Gran Torino." To be honest, I really didn't expect to like the film. Sure Clint Eastwood is always good, but the premise seemed same ol' same ol'. Turns out all the acting was superb and there were quite a few surprises in the story. I was satisfied with the film and would recommend it to Eastwood fans, as well as anyone seeking a good story.

Last night I went to Black Angus in West Covina for a holiday meal with my department and a few of our former co-workers. The company was great, the restaurant was lousy. The service was awful and it wasn't that busy. First the waitress, who was standing next to me, skipped me for my drink order, later she brought my food (soup and a baked potato) out separate rather than together as I had asked. Others in our party didn't recieve their appetizers or their dishes were not what they had ordered. No wonder the place was empty!

The company was what saved the night. We had a great conversation and it was wonderful to see my former co-workers!

I haven't planned to much for the coming week. I may go catch The Subs tonight at the Dockside in West Covina. Tomorrow I am going to welding school for a story and I may go see The Disrepair at the Key Club, but that depends on how my knee is feeling...

Photos we got 'em: I'm sharing stuff from all over today. First off, my friend Bill Cagle sent me this cute holiday e-mail, then there's the strange ceramic Santa Richard Reese snapped while at a party, followed by a Legoland Santa and a scene from one of my favorite places in the world, the Biltmore in North Carolina. Toasty!

In rotation this week: Yeah ya got me, I listened pretty much to the same things as last week... Britney Spears, "Punisher," "We Wish You a Metal Christmas and a Headbanging New Year," "If I Were a Carpenter" and a newbie-- a Christmas compilation disc from the now-defunct Doctor Dream label.

Thought of the week: Spread joy. I'm not the only one who gets a little down during this time of year, but I surely cherish a smile or a few kind words. It's not all presents and pretty paper and heart-warming sentiments either- a simple "how's your day going" or a bright grin can make anyone feel special. Although I'm noted for my cheeriness toward others, I am making an extra effort to listen more to others and be supportive of them. I'm trying not to whine about the negative things in my life and instead share the good stuff. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money to give a little happiness. Be nice to others and give the best gift of all~ yourself.

Keep on rockin'

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