Friday, December 26, 2008

End o' week musings

I'm sitting here in my office with a Post-It Note on my desk boasting one word: tuna -- underlined three times. No it's not some weird obsession, it's to remind me to pick up a can of tuna tonight on my way to Valerie's.... but I'm getting ahead of myself...

Last Friday I hadn't made up my mind to go out or stay in. I ended up taking a short putt down the street to the Dockside in West Covina to listen to The Subs. I stayed for two sets and then headed home to snuggle in for the night. I had a big day ahead of me...

On Saturday, I got up early, did my workout and headed off to Tri-Community Adult Education Welding School, where I spent the day. This was for another one of my Fun 101 columns and you will be able to read about my adventure soon at I learned to do five different types of welding, including stick, mig, flux cored and heliarc. It was actually quite fun, although a good challenge. I may have found my backup plan should my writing gig ever disappear...

Sunday I took my mother to Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena for the annual brass quintet winter concert. The program consisted of a lot of Christmas songs, along with some Hannukah and winter waltz number, plus sing-alongs. There were brass instruments, as well as handbells and the church's huge pipe organ. The concert was very nice and if you didn't care for a particular tune, you could spend your time looking at the venue's amazing architecture. I was told that it was designed by a French man who may have been influenced by England's Westminster Abbey. I'm not sure if this is so, but it's a believable story by the looks of things. Great acoustics, nice music and beautiful surroundings.

Christmas Eve was fun, even at work. Everyone was in a good mood and laughing, but we were getting our work done and were able to leave early. My guy came by in the evening and we drank egg nog and exchanged gifts. When he gave me my present, I shook the box gently and asked him if it was from my favorite store (Hot Topic). He said, no, he couldn't go there because the kids hanging outside looked like they could beat him up! lol! I opened my gift to reveal a beautiful watch! Something I definitely needed.

"It's feminine and professional," I said.

"Uh-huh," he responded knowingly.

Hmmm... OK, what did he know?? He mumbled something about not being able to find a watch with bats, but I think he's giving me the hint that I should look a little more professional and girly. Either way, I'm totally charmed by his gift.

On Christmas I slept in a little and then got up to make pasta salad and spinach dip. After a nice hot shower, it was time to change, pack the car and hit the road. Mom and I went to my friends Carin and Tom's in Bellflower for the day. After some chit-chat it was time to get down to what we came for-- the CROQUET GRUDGE MATCH !!! And waddaya know?! Mom won again! That's it, mom, no more do-overs for you and we're not buying the "what am I supposed to aim for" question again either. Sure, act dumb, but we're on to you now, Ms. Fast Eddie....

After our spirited (and in spirited, I mean mimosa-toasted) croquet game, we enjoyed a picnic-styled dinner of barbecued steaks, pasta salad and warm bread. And more champagne... Later we dined on coconut and banana cream pie and sipped egg nog by a roaring fire. We ended the evening soaking in the hot tub, smoking cigars and watching the stars with our assorted adult beverages. And yes, I made sure I was sober before I even touched my car door.

Tonight I am going to Valerie's for our annual Christmas gift exchange and mini-party. Oh, and the tuna? No, it's not for her, it's for her cats, Squeaks and Purd. Every year I bring them a can of tuna, so if I forget, I'll get those evil, disgusted cat eyes. But shhh... don't tell them I'm bringing tuna~ it's a surprise!

Saturday I will be going to the Doo Dah float planning meeting at McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World. We're calling our entry Queen of Arts. Ben and Dave from the gallery have some idea of creating a throne for me facing backward so I will be waving good bye as the outgoing Queen. Pretty smart, huh?!

I'm trolling around for New Year's Eve ideas. The Subs will be at the Dockside, Joe Walla is going to be in Pinon Hills, Carin and Tom's hot tub will be open, there's always the Rose Parade.... Not sure where I'll end up, but I know I'll have fun.

Before I give you the last bits of My World, I was sent this link by my friend and I just had to share it! It's Steve Ouimette playing "We Three Kings" and it rocks. It starts out sounding like a sitar and works its way into metal and some really amazing guitar work. Check it out:

Photos we got 'em: Just a couple of cute pet pics from the usual places.
In rotation this week: George Strait's holiday fun, "Wilderness Christmas," Doctor Dream's "Santa or Satan," "A Very Metal Christmas and a Headbanging New Year," Barry Manilow and a bunch of other assorted tunes.

My thoughts this week: The joy is in the giving. I've become very aware this holiday season of how unmaterialistic I am and it's a good thing. Of course I appreciate the gifts I have received and am thrilled with the watch, but it's more the meaning behind them. My biggest joy this year, as it is every time I give someone something, is in seeing them happy. I love watching someone open their gift and seeing them pleased. I take a lot of time in selecting presents, even the tiniest things, and try to think about what my friends need or what would make them feel special. I hope that I have made a few hearts lighter this year and have inspired others to pass it forward.

Keep on rockin'

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