Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patrick Bower to release new album Tuesday


"While humanity is thankful for all that science has done to advance society through its exacting explanations and demystifications, it must be noted that a toll has been exacted through that seeking. Constantly waging wars against folklore, we've lost the ghosts and their whispered fears. "

Patrick Bower and the World Without Magic create songs that breathe life into myth, mystery and the darker edge that frays our unknown--songs of lust, evocative of all of the vicissitudes of adulthood and fighting against the grain of mass culture. Of course, in the end, Bower is trying to create a kind of magic within the music. The songs’ lyrics are inhabited by haunted characters, are staged during inky black nights of the soul, and are rife with images that seem to waver between the world we see and the worlds we pass through.

Sonically, Patrick Bower and the World Without Magic summons the dark mood of Scott Walker, structurally stems from the ornate pop of Harry Nilsson and draws on a quietly seductive charm made legendary by Serge Gainsbourg. The songs, although pop songs at heart, are arranged with attention to intricacies akin to chamber music from an era long forgotten. Accompanying Bower's voice is a wide range of instruments, from melodica, pedal steel guitar, mandolin and a chorus of back-up singers to a sole acoustic guitar. Always, though, those words float softly above it all.

Live, Bower and band almost always feature their own invention, the Casio Man, (a secret instrument that creates an otherworldly sound) played by constant collaborator Darren Will. In keeping with their attempts to bring an air of mystery to our logical world, the band’s performances in New York City are often intimate, invite-only affairs that the band carefully curates, choosing performers and other artists to whom they've submitted their trust.

Performed in parlors around the city, the events start with a fine, sometimes elaborate meal often times prepared by Bower himself. On the road, that level of gastro-delight is tough to replicate, but a unique air of intimacy with every performance is undoubtedly conveyed at every tour stop. The band is already possessed of a large following in Europe, and this is the year that stateside audiences will discover Patrick Bower and the World Without Magic's elegant pop noir.

With a U.S. tour planned immediate following the band's April tour of Europe, expect to see the World Without Magic slipping into your town at the edge of night.Lead single "The Dark Lord (of Love)" is a handclap and melodica-laden tale of wanton living. Bower sings: "Come on and save us, ones forgotten by The Dark Lord of Love." Just one spin will draw you in….this is music for ghosts."

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