Friday, October 1, 2010

Dead Snares to release album

Independent record label popantipop has announced plans to release the anxiously awaited full-length Dead Snares debut album Speak The Language on October 26th, 2010. Dead Snares is the artistic creation of Jeffrey Cain from the band Remy Zero. Produced by Darrell Thorpe (Radiohead, Beck, Snow & Voices) and Jeffrey Cain, Speak The Language also features fellow Remy Zero band mates Cedric LeMoyne playing bass alongside Remy Zero drummer Gregory Slay, who passed away earlier this year. Rounding out the Dead Snares line-up is multi-instrumentalist Leslie Van Trease and keyboardist Jebin Bruni (Aimee Mann, PIL).

Jeffrey Cain grew up in Mobile, Alabama, where he met and joined the band Remy Zero in his teens. Remy Zero was catapulted into the spotlight when Radiohead, so impressed with an early Remy Zero demo they heard, invited the band to open their stateside tour. Three critically acclaimed albums later, Remy Zero was a household name with "Save Me" used as the theme song for WB TV show Smallville. Remy Zero songs came to be featured in a laundry list of films including such taste-making standouts as the Garden State soundtrack. After a decade of success, the band parted ways in order to move on into new directions.

"I felt like I had lived 1,000 years, but still had a whole life of possibilities waiting in front of me," remarks Jeffrey.

Cain, a self proclaimed studio junkie, was relieved to be off of the road for a while and dove headfirst into collaborating with such notable artists as Tricky, Afrobots, O+S and the Engine Room, with whom he penned the theme song for Nip/Tuck which was later remixed by Gabriel & Dresden. Jeffrey also joined forces to write and record with Steve Kilbey of The Church under the moniker of Isidore.

One late night after a recording session in a burst of frenzied inspiration, Cain entered the studio alone without an agenda "no words, no chords, no idea," notes Jeffrey. Three tracks emerged in first takes. Feeling unattached to what came out of these recordings, Jeffrey titled it Dead Snares to represent a negated trap, or one that didn't work. On a whim, Cain sent those tracks off anonymously to the influential KCRW and KROQ radio stations in Los Angeles who would both play the song "City Sparks" on the air just a few days later. A buzz began to build and Cain, knee-deep in other projects, found himself fielding constant questions about the future of Dead Snares. Friends and fans waited intently to hear the rest. Speak The Language is Cain’s eleven song response.

Speak The Language is a swirling surge of hypnotic beats with lyrics that are both seeking and foreboding. The recording represents a turning point for Jeffrey Cain and the freedom to create anew. At the same time Jeffrey was finishing up the final Dead Snares tracks, he decided to pick up and leave Los Angeles, where he had moved with Remy Zero, to return to his Alabama roots.

"The humidity and history of the south play a huge part in the music I play," Jeffrey explains.

"Speak the Language is about true communication, having a real dialog with the universe, our families, strangers and ourselves. It is also about allowing things to die so that other things might live on," he furthers.

Earlier this year, Cain's longtime friend and Remy Zero band mate Gregory Slay, passed away due to complications with Cystic Fibrosis. The Dead Snares song "Sever," which features Gregory on drums, " is probably the most honest moment on the record- it mirrors a typical conversation that Gregory and I would have, at one minute laughing and the next minute crying," notes Cain. "Gregory has moved on but now I know how to communicate his world. Hopefully this record can give others the eyes to see it."

Dead Snares will take to the road this fall for a tour to follow the handful of Remy Zero memorial dates in honor of Gregory Slay scheduled for October, 2010. Speak the Language is set to release on October 26, 2010. Visit to stream the album in its entirety and for updates on Dead Snares tour dates.

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