Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keno O'Malley in Altadena June 10

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, CA.
Phone For Reservations: (626) 798-6236

KEN O'MALLEY . . . "Ireland's Emigrants and the Atlantic Crossing"

From the creaking boards of the decks of the "coffin ships" of the Famine years of the 1840's to the transatlantic liners of the mid 20th century, the story of Ireland's people leaving home is brought to life in story and song by Ken O'Malley, himself an emigrant in the 1970's. The "American Wake" was a farewell to those who left Ireland's shores, never to return. The New World waited, though not always with the outstretched hand of welcome. Nonetheless, the Irish survived and with tenacity they built their future and that of their new land.

Dublin born Ken O’Malley's rich, resonant voice and engaging stage presence have delighted audiences for over thirty years."He holds nothing back. Whether singing a passionate ballad, playing a solo on the mandolin, or explaining the gloriously sad history of Erin his homeland, Ken O’Malley is all-in, wide open to the world, and as true as an arrow’s flight. Ken’s fine tenor voice could carry him through a show all alone, but he backs himself beautifully on guitar and mandolin. . . .His wonderful wit and good humor draw us in and carry us along, and the beauty of his songs, both traditional and original, fills us with irresistible joy."

With songs in both English and Irish Gaelic, a Ken O'Malley performance is suitable for all ages and has something for everyone. As one longtime fan says, “the songs Ken sings touch all of us, Irish or not, to the very core of the human heart”. Web Page:

Sunday, June 10...Matinee. Show Time: 3:00 P.M. Tix: $18.

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