Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shimmy Showcase Sunday May 27

May 27 – Shimmyshowcase presents “In Memoriam.” This will be a program of reflection and remembrance dedicated to those who have impacted our lives. Coordinator Xandra is thrilled to welcome the exquisite Kamar, Bathsheba, Sabrina, Zephira, and male dancer Daa-Uud to Viento y Agua on this Memorial Day eve.

Please read our upcoming schedule below for additional details about dancer openings!

Everyone is invited for a relaxing evening among friends. Select your favorite beverage, hot or cold, from an assortment of coffees, teas, smoothies or juice; add to that a tasty sandwich or pastry; and then seat yourself in the entertainment area to enjoy some really great dancing at NO cover charge!

SHIMMY SHOWCASE begins on most Sundays at 5:30 p.m. at Viento y Agua Coffee House in Long Beach at 4007 East 4th Street; 562-434-1182. Occasionally we have Saturday showcases beginning a bit later. Please refer to the detailed schedule below for more information.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before show time (earlier if you’re a performer!), so you can first stop at the refreshment counter to get a delicious beverage, snack or sandwich; then head for the show area and grab a seat so you don’t miss any of our great performers!

Below is our upcoming schedule for the next several weeks. If you are a dancer interested in performing at an upcoming showcase, please read on to see whether we have openings in any upcoming showcases and send an email with your preference to


June 3—NO SHIMMYSHOWCASE –this is Cairo Caravan weekend. For more info check .

June 10 - Draca will be your hostess for this Shimmyshowcase, and she welcomes Aleksia and new dancers Aianna, Francesca, and Natalia taking their first turns on the Shimmyshowcase dance floor! Please be sure to join us on this special night to give a warm welcome to our newest Shimmyshowcase dancers!

June 17 – NO SHIMMYSHOWCASE -- Happy Fathers’ Day!

June 24 – Shimmyshowcase returns with another popular theme-- Reggae Night—brought to you by coordinator Amber and featuring guest dancers Opal Zapphira, Nadirah, Tehani and Leon! With this fabulous dancer lineup, this is guaranteed to be a spectacular show, so be sure to mark this date on your calendars and shimmy on down to Viento y Agua for some mellow middle eastern moves.

JULY 1 - Calling all bellydance rockers! Shimmyshowcase coordinator Ilana returns with “Rock a Belly” and Daa-Uud and Rosé are all set to shake, rattle, and roll (and shimmy of course) with her! If this theme gives you good vibes, send a reply to this email or contact us at and we’ll put you on the program.

July 8 - Saviya returns with those lovely belly dancers from Laguna Beach, JJ & the Habibis! These ladies always put on a great show, which you won’t want to miss, so come join your friends at Viento y Agua, grab one of their delicious beverages or food items, and find yourself a great spot from which to enjoy the show.

for Shimmyshowcase information & pictures, please visit our Blog at .

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