Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Phoebe Jean to release album

Baltimore-based hellion Phoebe Jean is a one girl band with an army of sound. Associated early on with the Baltimore club scene, she is quick to note that “My music is not electro!” On Heartbreakers, scheduled for release in the US on June 12th via the French label Lentonia Records and distributed by Nail Distribution, Phoebe Jean uses more traditional pop and rock instrumentation such as acoustic piano, guitars and to arrive at a blend of classic club breaks, soulful funk grooves, and harmonic melodies.

Born and raised in Baltimore, loved and learned in New York and Paris, Phoebe Jean is already earning accolades for Heartbreakers in Europe where features have already come in from respected European publications such as Modzik and Les Inrocks and Phoebe Jean’s Heartbreakers record release party was a packed affair that is still being talked about.

The album’s first single “Day Is Gone” is streaming now. The video for the track was directed by Phoebe Jean herself and features cinematography by Sienna Sheilds and choreography by Love, Grace O’ Neill. The clip also features the Shake Off Twinz who have also been seen with M.I.A. and Rye Rye. Listen as Phoebe Jean ups the pressure more and more until she lets it blow off in a massive vocal hook.

As a live act, Phoebe Jean recently caught the attention of the New York Times at NYC’s Lower East Side venue Cake Shop where writer Io Tillett Wright noted that “...the group brought the low-ceilinged room to a sweat.” Back above ground, it’s 102 degrees in Baltimore City and Phoebe Jean is busy tending to her ‘77 Cadillac Seville.

Heartbreakers by Phoebe Jean & The Air Force is set for release on June 12th.

Phoebe Jean & The Air Force


(Lentonia – June 12th, 2012)

Track Listing:

01. King Size Bed

02. Circle One

03. Day Is Gone

04. Luvz 4 Real

05. Facts of Nature

06. Crooked Cop

07. Los Angeles 7 **

08. December 20th

09. Surefire

10. Another Nite

11. Dream Boat

12. Package

13. No Game

14. Cover Girl

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