Friday, November 9, 2012

Boody & LE1F to release EP

Please welcome New Yorks finest gems Boody & LE1F to the BoysNoize Records roster. Both multi-talents: producers, beatmakers, rapper and vocalist. After his murky debut mixtape “Dark York“, LE1F's now hooking up with his long friend Boody to present their first release Liquid EP on Boysnoize Records.
The record opens with "Jellyfish" - deadly, deep kicks sphered by drippy ice rinks, it’s a brilliant balance between low-kicks and driving sirens unleashing the tracks unique shapes.“Buoy“ swooshes away into a howling, cryptical and moody underwater action - closing gates, chirping birds and vanishing claps building a dark cavernous tension. As the subs shift from high to low, Boody & LE1F blessed the track with whispered vocals giving everything vogue-ish breeze.
Next “Soda“ chops up the classic “The Ha Dance“ of Masters at Work into a kunty juke-ballroom mix. Furious “Ha Samples“ winding trough the track as minimalistic footwerk kicks and aqua drops joining the game. LE1F demonstrates his excellent rap skills here and shows you how to run this catwalk! With it's UK Funky rooted percussion and dominant basslines, the New York collaboration takes it to another level with “Sweet Tea“ while Khalif's stargazing performance glides across the track. Following is Cedaa's remix of “Sweet Tea“. He loops LE1F's strongest lines “Damn Mama put it down this is way too hot for me!“and permeating hollow pitched “Oh!“ in the back. His hydraulic mix pumps the original to a one of a kind club monster.
The EP closes with the East Coasts Ballroom beats remix from MikeQ and Divoli S'vere of“Soda“. Together they reconstruct the original to a deadly vogue anthem and bringing the taste of the New Jersey ballroom underground to those who are in the know.
Boody & LE1F  have an extra, mesmerising booty shaking composition for12“ exclusive-track called "Born Underwater".
Boody & LE1F – Liquid EP track list: 
01.  Jelly Fish
02.  Buoy
03.  Soda
04.  Sweet Tea
05.  Sweet Tea (Cedaa Remix)
06.  Soda (MikeQ & Divoli S’vere Daughter’s Ha Remix)
Released by: Boysnoize Records 
Release/catalogue number: BNR088 
Release date: November 19, 2012

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