Friday, November 16, 2012

White Iris Records to release 7-inch album

White Iris Records, the label counterpart to Black Iris, a premiere recording studio and music collective, is pleased to release Their Only Dreams' two-song 7-inch, Calculators In The Sky b/w Adult Contemporary Man. The A-Side is a feral track, unleashed and purposeful in its imperfections. Lead by the blustery guitar distortion and Lyudmirsky's wistful vocals that show an appreciation for the boyish mod vocals of the mid-60s.

David Lyudmirsky, the creative force behind Their Only Dreams, is a man of many visions. Crafting his songs from an interior realm, reflecting an outside Los Angeles, warped and re-imagined through his eyes.  

From the time he dropped out of art school in the late 90's, Lyudmirsky was pulled by outside forces into songwriting. Encouraged by friend Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) to experiment in his studio while the band was on tour, Lyudmirsky discovered a new path in music and set out to follow it's twisted trajectory.    

As it turned out, the path would lead to the ancient Mayan city of Palenque in southern Mexico, where among the ruins, he spent 6 months teaching himself the guitar and experimenting with LSD and DMT. As these two practices often went hand in hand, Lyudmirsky developed an intoxicating and frightening style, confusing the local citizenry.  

After receiving his fill of ancient spiritual guidance, David floated between Ashville, North Carolina and LA, starting bands, making recordings any chance he got, eventually settling back in LA and playing shows alongside other DIY wizards such as Ariel Pink and the legendary Sky Saxon of the Seeds. The period between then and now remains a mystery to most. Lyudmirsky, while once active in the LA music scene, seemed to disappear altogether, leaving behind only the rumors and myths often assigned to unsung cult figures and local legends.  

That is until he recently re-surfaced. And it turns out he's been recording at home this whole time. He has been active in the home recording music world, including putting together a well received compilation of other like-minded luminaries such as R. Stevie Moore, entitled "Mindless Vinyls".
In 2012, you will find David with wife and child, living in Glendale, CA. You will also find an entire room being overtaken by a jungle of instruments and recording equipment. Writing songs that both Nikki Sudden and Marc Bolan would be proud of, this is the room where David is making the best music of his life. The scene where he arrives at his illusive destination - one of self-realization and its resulting inspiration. The moment where he discovers his private, mythological world is the one that holds the most truth. Where he is inviting you to "rub him the right way" while you "make love on a yoga mat."

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