Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chalk and Numbers to release EP

Brooklyn duo Chalk and Numbers is pleased to announce their upcoming Parade EP and release the first single "Boy." The lead track on the EP is an instant standout, combining the band's warm analog production with a heavenly pop sentiment. Parade shows a band who has hit their songwriting stride. As a whole, this EP prevails as the band's most indelible and satisfying release to date and will be available March 12. 

Brooklyn outfit, Chalk and Numbers, play modern pop music inspired by classic styles. The duo, consisting of Sable Yong (vocals) and Andrew Pierce (multi-instrumentalist/songwriter) combine their artistic abilities to craft pop songs influenced but not entrenched in 60's musical canon. Yong's vocals play a large part in the band's repertoire. Her lush, graceful voice never rushes but guides the listener through the sparkling melodies composed by Pierce--who also plays the role of co-producer along with his brother, Dennis. In producing the tracks the brothers use analog technology to create warm, robust tones that accentuate songs while avoiding the contemporary pitfalls of stifling the recordings with noise. Pierce asserts "a lot of current bands reference the past but feel the need to drown it in fuzz or reverb, we wanted to stay away from that." In the pursuit of creating great pop songs, Chalk and Numbers has used influences both old and new and has emerged timeless.

Chalk and Numbers are finishing up their debut LP to be released in early 2013.

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