Thursday, January 31, 2013

Think Lush for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day set a sexy scene for your special someone! If you can’t splurge on a weekend away, LUSH Cosmetics has tips and tricks for executing the perfect massage and getting “hands on” with your honey. LUSH is your one stop shop for transforming any room in your home into a romantic five-star resort!

Follow these easy steps to make this a night to remember-
·         Step One: Be prepared – Set up your bed or a sturdy table padded with “lush” blankets, towels or pillows to keep your loved one comfortable. Make the room warmer and dim the lights to set the ambiance - just make sure you can still see what you’re rubbing! Set the mood with soft, relaxing music to evoke a state of mental bliss.

·         Step Two: Choose your oil and scent style – Different essential oils evoke different moods. LUSH offers solid forms of massage oil, which are spill-proof and easily melt with body heat to release essential oils.  LUSH solid massage bars are made with a cocoa/shea butter base and no preservatives, so skin is moisturized while it’s massaged. Here are some limited edition selections launching for Valentine’s Day:

Tender is the Night Massage Bar ($7.95)  Crush this massage bar in your hand to get right to the soft, decadent center, or be gentle with your heart and break off a small piece. This one uses fair trade shea and murumuru butters, and inside is the soft core of almond oil, agave syrup, cupuacu and glycerine. Scented with vanilla absolute, jasmine and ylang ylang, it makes for a very seductive rub down! Vegan

From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar ($7.95)  Designed to give an energizing boost and keep you, up…from dusk ‘til dawn!  Shaped like a cone, use the pointy end to rub out knotted muscles.  This gorgeous bar is made with nutritious moringa oil and scented with an uplifting blend of sweet wild orange oil and lemon oil! Vegan

·         Commence the rubdown – With gentle but firm hands, rub in smooth, rhythmic strokes keeping one hand on your partner at all times. Pleasure points at the small of the neck, scalp, earlobe, the inside of the arm or behind the knee, all release feel-good endorphins when stimulated, so don’t limit yourself to just the back! 


The Kiss Lip Gloss ($8.95)  Perfect your pout for the most romantic time of the year with this new pink and sugary sweet unpreserved lip gloss.  This softening, moisturizing gloss feels lighter than the other balms, as it has a new aerated formula, and is totally preservative free.  Vegan

Sexy Fun Times: $26.95
This gift contains the new Tender is the Night massage bar for a really generous, decadent massage and our recently launched pink FUN - a sweet treat for the bath, scented with tonka absolute and full of warming qualities that are sure to add to the sexy times! 
Contents: Sex Bomb bath bomb, FUN pink, Tender is the Night massage bar, You Snap the Whip body butter.

Heart of Gold: $49.95
Whether you want to smother someone in kisses or be a sex bomb from dusk till dawn, this is the perfect gift! The products are encased in a beautiful red box tied with black ribbon and a blank tag that folds out into a heart shape, allowing you to write your own heart felt message inside!
Contents: French Kiss bubble bar, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Charity Pot hand and body lotion, Soft Coeur massage bar, From Dusk till Dawn massage bar, Willow Pattern soap.

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