Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1939 Ensemble to release album


1939 Ensemble are set to release their debut album, Howl & Bite, on April 16th, 2013 on Jealous Butcher Recordings!

Metal and Wood. Drums and vibes. Beats and melody. Random precision through noise. When describing the kind of music that Jose Medeles (the Breeders) and David Coniglio make together, it's best to keep it simple, or talk about it as an analogy.
Think about the great great cities like Chicago and New York, then daydream about what those cities sound like. The history. The pavement. The sounds that are ambient and the sounds you can't avoid.
1939 Ensemble doesn't just cross genres, they both embrace and exploit them, inviting each listener in through the familiar, and then leaving them something new to explore.

Howl & Bite is out April 16th, 2013 on Jealous Butcher Records!

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