Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Afro Funke in Santa Monice Feb. 21

Afro Funké

Afrobeat, Brazilian, Dub, Reggae, Cumbia, 
Samba Disco, Batucada, Afro-Latin House,
Indian Beats, Makossa & other deep-rooted
Funk music from around the world


Thursday, February 21, 2013

guest deejay:
(Soul Children / Takeover / 4-Mula) 
A journey into sounds - past, present & future. Son of a jazz musician, DJ Al Jackson 
of The Soul Children, is dedicated to bridging the gap between hip hop and jazz. His 
musical influences range from Allen Jackson (dad) and John Coltrane to Pete Rock. 
Currently, he has his own music production company called "Sincerebeats." Through 
his company Sincerebeats, Al has released 2 DJ-mix CDs entitled L'automne and 
2nd Quarter with more releases to follow.


The Hippest Dance Fitness! Wil Dance Fit and its founder, Wil-son Williams, bring 
the best of fitness, dance, and wellness to Los Angeles! Zumba, Hip Hop, Salsa, Lessons. 
Catch Wil helping student reach their goals at LA's high-end gyms & studios!
Club Zumba is an intense dance cardio workout designed by Wil-son Williams. Unlike any
other dance fitness programs it succeeds where most have failed. The format is unique – 
it revs up your metabolism while you learn the latest moves in small repetitive 
The Wil to Dance format is a dynamic fusion of various global dances appealing to students
of all levels and backgrounds. By including basic elements of Latin, African, and Hip Hop 
dance styles anyone can learn many of the hottest dance moves from around the world!
The key to Wil To Dance is using tight combinations of repetitive steps with each new piece
seamlessly blending into the previous section. Before you know it, you've built into a 
thorough body-toning and tightening routine that fulfills your natural need to move. The 
Wil to Dance taps deep into the pure feeling of having fun by releasing your inner
native movement.
Generate self esteem and instill power! Change the way you feel about exercise!

resident deejay:JEREMY SOLE
(KCRW / TheLift / Musaics)

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