Friday, February 1, 2013

Brush with a celebrity

You've heard of having "a brush with a celebrity" right?

...but have you ever really BRUSHED WITH a celebrity...specifically a 
musical star?

Below is some info detailing a unique line of interactive musical 
toothbrushes that makes brushing more enjoyable for kids, adults and 
everyone for that matter.

Please check out Brush Buddies:

It's a line of high quality toothbrushes that play songs from popular 
singing stars: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Psy from Gangham Style, LMFAO....

The Brush Buddies toothbrushes play two different songs from these stars and 
play for the dentist recommended time of 2 minutes.

The Brush Buddies line of toothbrushes turns a boring task like
brushing teeth into a fun activity that kids and adults look forward to 
several times a day.

Each Brush Buddies toothbrush is made of non-toxic plastic and paint that 
are BPA free.

The entire Brush Buddies line of toothbrushes range in price from 
$4.99 to $14.95 and is available at many stores nationally as well as online 

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