Monday, February 11, 2013

Catharae's belly dance hafla March 16 in Rialto

New Place, New Day: 12:30 - 5:00pm    Rialto Senior Center, 1411 South Riverside Avenue, Rialto, Saturday, March 16th
Greetings once again, Guests, Dancers, Students, and Teachers!
We are holding our Annual Hafla once again - please note:  the venue is in Rialto, on Saturday, March 16th:
The hall is in the Rialto Senior Center, at 1411 SOUTH Riverside Avenue. 
Exit the 10 in Rialto, on Riverside Avenue.  Go north towards the mountains/WalMart.
The building is 2 blocks north of the 10 Freeway, on the east side of the street.  
If you can find WalMart, you're a stone's throw from the spot. 
Accessible from 210/Riverside Avenue, but you drive through town forEVER....
Hours are 12:30 to 5:00pm.  My contact phone that day is 909 201 9478.
Sign ups at the door - dance time limit is 10 minutes, thanks!
Great opportunity for students and rehearsing troupes to get stage time practise! 
Teachers, come show your stuff - we are all students!
We have a nice size room, a dance floor for those who sign up, audience seating, and will be offering video taping of your performances!  
Remember that we have spots for some vendors (book early - some return vendors have been calling already...)  Email me OR call 909 982 6475 for vending info and prices.
Room also for the Potluck dishes - Door prizes once again....
Entrance fees are $2 with a potluck dish $5 without.  Where else can you find a friendly lunch spot at those prices?
Feel free to copy the attachment flier (can't seem to include it here... sorry), and share with anyone and everyone.  Everyone is invited.
All dancers are welcome !  Come share your art form with us too.
So looking forward to seeing everyone again - stay safe, be happy,
 Catharae Catharae's Treasures PO Box 342 Upland, CA 909 982 6475 "Time and trouble may tame a wild young woman, but a wild old woman is an uncontrollable force" - Dorothy Sayer

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