Friday, February 15, 2013

End o' week musings

I think I'm going to sleep in tomorrow! Don't get too excited because that means I'll be up by 9 a.m. at the latest.... although noon sounds much better. Yeah, it's been that kind of a week.

We've been working on both our old and new computer systems at the office which is kind of mind bending. It makes me go home mentally exhausted. I ended up coming into work for a while last weekend and will probably have to slide in here again sometime this weekend. But I would much rather spend some time writing in quiet and trying to figure out these darn computer systems on my own rather than on a deadline with people waiting on me.

My co-workers aren't quite that bad. They have been standing over me, but I feel the pressure to get things to them extra early because, well, we're all in the same boat.

I had a hectic week also with my interviews. I spoke with local singer/songwriter Naama Kates, the legendary Janis Ian (yes, "At Seventeen" you read that right), John Sutton of the Angeles Chorale and comedian Paula Poundstone, who had me laughing out loud during our chat.

Tuesday evening I had the Pasadena Social Media Group meetup and last night was Tahitian and Polynesian dance class. In between there was laundry, grocery shopping and all the other little things we must do.

Today is my friend Vernor's birthday. Do me a favor and check out his movie review blog and read his Oscar picks at or say hello on Twitter @vernorsticket. If we can get out of the office at a decent hour, I'm going to take him to BJ's for a Pizookie.

My friends Walt and Gloria Mancini posted photos from their trip to Portugal on their website and they're worth seeing. They are both very good photographers (Walt works with me) and see things in different ways. So here ya go:

You can go to the following pages by either clicking on the names at the top or clicking below.  To see any or all of our pages, go to:

And to do a little boasting of my own, you can read my story on George Takei here:

This weekend I have parties to attend and a gig at the Rancho Cucamonga United Methodist Church. I won't be dancing, as we are performing in the sanctuary and the swords might be a bit much, but I will be playing percussion and having fun. Make a joyful noise, as the Bible says.

Next week is full of writing  my life away, along with more dancing and other surprises.

In rotation this week: Owl City, Tenacious D, Triumph and Dublin Death Patrol.

Photos we got 'em: Some fun animal photos from the web and a shot of me leaning on the craps table during the Super Bowl party by Ric Sarabia. I'm not a gambler, but they let me play for fun and I survived through the end of the game.

Thought o' the week: Reach for the stars. I know, it's sorta corny and been said tons of times, but having dreams and goals is so important. It's good to have a reason to get up in the morning and something to keep you going when times are sad or tough. It doesn't have to be a big thing either.

If you have children, you should also teach them to dream big. Sure they probably won't get everything they want nor will the path necessarily be easy, but it's the motivation many of us need.. and the hope we all need.

We all want something better in our lives. We all are seeking some positive change. We all need to reach for the stars.... And just for fun, I'm sharing this very cool video that illustrates my point twofold. It's a well-made shorty of about a 7th grade science project during which Hello Kitty is rocketed into space. Enjoy and

Keep on rockin'

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