Friday, February 8, 2013

Idlehands to release EP

San Diego’s Idlehands will be releasing their debut EP "Common Soul" on March 12, 2013 via InVogue Records.  The EP will feature 9 tracks (6 tracks + 3 acoustic tracks). InVogue will also release a limited pressing of 100 physical CD's that will be available exclusively through

The music video for the single "The Venetian Hour" can be viewed here:  -- Below is the track listing

1) Leeches
2) Pur Autre Vie
3) The Venetian Hour
4) Launch.Vernacotola
5) Damon Francisco
6) Kids
7) Leeches (Acoustic)
8) The Venetian Hour (Acoustic)
9) Damon Francisco (Acoustic)

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