Friday, February 1, 2013

Import/Export to release album

Cinematic rockers IMPORT/EXPORT release their debut album Dayglow Whore via a generative art iPhone/iPad app on February 5. The iPad app generates over 92 million morphing images of fine art by Katrina Yakovich and photos taken by each band member that would take over 43 years to view (no, that's not a typo). The iPhone version features over 655 years worth of viewing set to the soundtrack ofDayglow Whore. Both were designed by IMPORT/EXPORT keyboardist Vince Tafoya with programming assistance by Kory Twaites. Dayglow Whore is also for sale on 12” vinyl via the band's website and online at iTunes and Amazon.

Generative art is defined as “any art practice where the artist creates a process, such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, a machine, or other mechanism, which is then set to motion with some degree of autonomy contributing to or resulting in a complete work of art.” (Philip Galanter) See examples below.



“Our songwriting is completely informed by the intersection of sound, fine art and cinema,” comments chief songwriter,
frontman and bassist Chris Cullman. “The philosophy behind IMPORT/EXPORT is to release and perform multimedia experiences that have a point of view that resonates with our audiences,” he adds.
Cullman cites the influences of Brian Eno, Phillip Glass, Peter Gabriel, Angelo Badalamenti and Vangelis on this recording.

Dayglow Whore as a whole is a metaphor for what is obvious and unavoidable to ignore and for this installation that would be the human condition and the fragility of mortality,” continues Cullman.

The band collectively wrote, arranged, produced and recorded Dayglow Whore between July 2011 and July 2012 at London Bridge Studios and Synergy Studios in Seattle with the help of engineer Jason Shavey. IMPORT/EXPORT committed to the details of the process with the same aforementioned philosophy. Insistent that Dayglow Whore be a tactile, immersive experience, it was a natural choice to record on tape with an editing eye for some of the modern recording techniques that are now standard practice for most bands.

IMPORT/EXPORT is Chris Cullman on bass and vocals, Arsen Gogeshvili on keyboards, guitar and sampling, Jeff Meigs on drums and Vince Tafoya on keyboards.

Photo: Joseph McDaniel

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