Thursday, February 21, 2013

Light Bringer Project accepting darkroom equipment donations

We need your...
Darkroom Equipment
Accepting ALL darkroom related donations!
We need your help to start an exciting new project. 
Film is NOT dead. It is an incredible, hands-on art form. We want to make black and white film and print processing accessible to the public. 

Think about all that darkroom equipment taking up space and gathering dust in your garage. Wish you could give it to a good cause? Well, Light Bringer Project is here to collect all your 
Items include 
(but are not limited to): 
Possible space, enlargers, paper (fiber and resin coated), film and paper processing chemicals (developer, fixer, clearing, stop bath), tongs, processing trays, light-tight paper safes, chemical jugs, graduated cylinders, water thermometers, darkroom timer, film tanks and reels, can openers, film changing bags, red safelight bulbs, water temperature gauge, plastic funnels, paper towels, rubber gloves, paper cutter, easels, print drying rack, RC paper dryer,  tables, storage racks...
Email Light Bringer Project with questions. We will pre-confirm all deliveries and pick up's. 
No donation is too large or too small - WE NEED IT ALL!
Would you like to contribute to the project?
Simply mail a check made out to 'Light Bringer Project' with 'Darkroom' in the memo line.
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P.O. Box 968, Pasadena, CA 91102

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