Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day party with Dave Morrison and more in Pasadena Feb. 16

We are coming up on Valentine's Day. If ever there was a holiday as likely to bring on the blues as to put you in the pink, it is this one. If you are currently ensconced in a blissful romantic entanglement, waking each day in the arms of love with nothing but bright vistas before you, and a never-ending song in your heart ... good for you. But most of us are somewhere else on the long and bumpy highway de Amore. We are either single - not yet having found our perfect match, or divorced - having noticed that our match was not so perfect after-all. Perhaps we are dating, and the bloom has begun to fade, or long-married, and pining for that heart-pounding thrill now lost to time and familiarity.

Love is the simplest of things in the mind's eye, and absurdly complex in the doing. Capricious and ephemeral.  As able to destroy all comers as it is to bring a comfort so sturdy and lasting that it can only be called redemption.

Ultimately, I suppose, it is what we make of it. And with any luck ... we become what love has made of us.

Join us Saturday, February 16 as we celebrate the power of Love. The singers and musicians performing are a mixture of men and women, young and not-so, working together in the service of joy and beauty. If there is a better metaphor for love, it has not occurred to us.

As usual, we will break bread together, and after the show gather the chairs into a circle so that any of you who wants to can play or sing ... or dance a reckless jig, if that is more your style.

Throop Hall is a big, comfortable room. Ninety years old this year, it has a great vibe and surprisingly good acoustics for music. We will start the fun at 7pm. Expect to eat at just about 8:15. We'll have big pots of Dave's legendary chili, cornbread, salad, and some vegetarian dishes as well. There will be water and soft-drinks and a few bottles of cheap wine. Feel free to bring something better for yourself.

We believe in paying the musicians, so we ask a $15 donation to cover that and expenses. If you need this show and can not afford it, please be our guest and contribute is some other way.

Please pass this along to any and all. Bring somebody you care about.
Here are the details. See you on the 16th.

Valentine's Day Party
Throop Unitarian Church
300 S, Los Robles, Pasadena, CA (at Del Mar)
7pm ... February 16  $15 suggested donation
Featuring, in order of appearance:Moira Smiley with Andy Tabb  http://www.moirasmiley.com/   http://www.andrewtabb.com
Yossi and Natasha  http://www.yossiandnatasha.com/
Dave Morrison Band, featuring Annie Boxell

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