Thursday, February 28, 2008

Artists should check out new online label group

With over 20 years of experience, top record veterans Edward “Eddie F” Ferrell, Dorsey M. James, Lionel Ridenour and Andre Harrell partner to launch the online label group, Having worked with and advised top names in the business like Mary J. Blige, Usher, Robin Thicke, Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Avril Lavigne, Russell Simmons, Swizz Beats, and many more—this team of proven masterminds now offer a unique and easy to use site that will align artists, song writers, producers, bands, and independent labels with the essential tools and interactive services needed to thrive in the music business. Visit to jumpstart your career now.
"By joining, users will gain access to high quality services that range from obtaining digital distribution deals with major online retail outlets like iTunes to receiving professional one-on-one feed back from top A&R’s and execs,” said Eddie F, President and Founder of " offers a compelling and affordable solution to bridge the gap between the traditional music business and the new technological era of music.”
" will give our clients an exciting new platform to meet their goals, whether they are aiming to sign with a traditional music label, drive record sales, generate publicity or seek advice," said Andre Harrell, a senior executive at the company.

Complete List of MusicWerks Services include:
Digital Distribution MusicWerks offers digital distribution to all major online retail outlets such as iTunes, Zune Marketplace, Amazon MP3, and other online stores. We also offer distribution to major ringtone retailers.

A&R Review Services This service provides professional feedback on your song or album from actual industry executives and experienced A&R veterans in the field.

Artist Bootcamp Do you want to get your project or demo ready to present to a traditional major label for consideration? Do you need help in preparing your total package? Sign up for MusicWerks’ Artist Bootcamp

Marketing/Promotion MusicWerks offers marketing and promotion services to major websites including blogs, music posting, and artist reviews along with email blast marketing & servicing of digital record pools, mix-shows, and radio stations. MusicWerks also provides "traditional" radio promotion and marketing services.

Online Branding MusicWerks offers online product placement, website and MySpace page development along with artist sponsored contests, cross branding, and partnering with other key sites on the web.

Video Production/Promotion MusicWerks provides production of music videos and electronic press kits along with video promotion services.

Publicity MusicWerks has a network of top-level publicists who provide press kit formulation, media training, event management, and other publicity services.

CD Manufacturing MusicWerks provides small, medium, and mass CD Duplication and manufacturing services along with production of CD cover artwork, postcards, and flyers.

Studio Recording Services MusicWerks can connect you with an affiliate top-line recording studio in your area that has a well-established relationship with us in order to ensure a fair and competitive price for the client.

For more information please visit

ABOUT MusicWerks
MusicWerks LLC is an online music group lead by experienced music industry executives with over 20 years in the business. As a one-stop shop for music business services, MusicWerks is ran and operated by executives who have held leadership roles at major record labels, promotion departments, and A&R divisions, along with young cutting edge tastemakers who also have a wealth of knowledge to predict upcoming trends. Coupled with a vast knowledge and experience in the tech industry MusicWerks aims to be the #1 portal providing music industry related services and technology through its website,


Ben Bull - Director, Duplic8 Ltd said...

Some really useful info, thanks, Ben.

Mickie said...

Cool, Ben! I try to post releases that help fans as well as artists. Keep the good music coming!