Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More artists lined-up for A3C Hip Hop Festival

Artist news for A3C Hip Hop Festival March 20-22 in Atlanta

The second round of artist announcements has been made by the A3C Hip Hop Festival premiering the legendary Jeru The Damaja, with Southeastern underground stars, Little Brother and recent Atlantic Records signee, B.o.B. Further propelling the festival into the role of showcasing the best in Hip Hop today, the A3C is solidifying its place in the festival world as an event which features the newest emerging artists coupled with established fan favorites. This announcement comes as the second in a series of three separate announcements confirming thirty three acts total to perform at the A3C this year.
The eleven artists making up the second third of the total lineup consists of:
Little Brother Jeru
The Damaja
DJ Klever
Proton Insight
DJ Rasta Root
Collective Efforts
The Alias Brothers (AB's)

Spread throughout the three day event, these artists will be listed on the A3C Hip Hop Festival website ( in the schedule section. In this second announcement comes a mix of artists offering a variety of sounds and feels in their music.
B.o.B hits on the up-and-coming mainstream level as this young artist has built a solid buzz grabbing the attention of Atlantic Records as well as an endorsement from LRG.
DJ Klever is another hometown hero filling a very different space hitting on the edgy, party-rocking culture similar to DJs A-Trak, Steve Aoki or Diplo.
Little Brother brings forth a laid back yet strong and distinct sound coming from an independent Hip Hop standpoint.
Jeru, an artist with a long history in the annals of Hip Hop legend, offers the stamp of longevity and gritty New York rap to the lineup.
Budding Atlantan artists, Proton, (also URB Next 1,000 artists) offer a breath of fresh air to Atlanta's soundscape Among Insight, Collective Efforts Kaze, Supastition, and The Alias Brothers, these crews embody the tried and true path of the underground sound.
With this announcement also comes the solidified Myspace stage lineup which will be held as the kickoff of the A3C this year, Thursday March 20th. The bill for the first night will consist of Wale, Jeru The Damaja, Del The Funkyhomosapien and Little Brother. Embodying the ethos of the festival, the artists confirmed for the Myspace stage will be representing "all three coast."
DJ Lord will be the house DJ providing the audible ambiance while Atlanta's cultural ambassador and man on the move, Kid Kaos, will handle the crowd as host for the evening.

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