Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mountain Mirrors to release third effort

Massachusetts acoustic rock band Mountain Mirrors will release a new album of psychedelic spiritual sound called "Dreadnought" on Friday, February 22nd on
Dreadnought is Mountain Mirrors' (aka Jeff "The Sandman" Sanders) third full-length release - the follow-up to 2006's self-titled Mountain Mirrors LP. Mountain Mirrors earned Sanders a devoted following based on his love for fans and the viral success of Mountain Mirrors MP3s - most notably a progressive, dark sci-fi shanty called "The Demon's Eye".
Says Sanders of the new release, "It's still got that dark acoustic sound. But the new album has much more variety. And where the vibes on the self-titled LP were pretty bleak, this one's got a little more spirit...more grooves. There are tracks that are mellower, and others are much heavier than before. Especially for acoustic music."
Hailing from Massachusetts, Sanders grew up listening to the heavy metal of Anthrax and Metallica, but later became entranced by the acoustic sensitivities of artists like Beck and Damien Rice. By resisting the temptation to showcase this music with the standard heavy electric instrumentation, the introspective lyrics, rhythmic nuances and "ear candy" are given more space: this is an artist who wants a sincere and direct connection with his listeners.
Just like its sound, the draw of Mountain Mirrors is multifaceted. An acoustic-rock album, Dreadnought will appeal to fans of metal, psychedelic rock *and* folk music. Its emotive elements transcend the limitations of any particular genre and cut right to the listener's core, irrespective of their preconceived tastes. The evocative and spiritual lyrics strike a chord of emotional authenticity throughout, marking Sanders an artist of depth and clarity.
The Mountain Mirrors sound is heavily influenced by nature and most songs were originally conceived and written in the Massachusetts woodlands. To mirror the freshness and space of the outdoors and enhance the reflective nature of the lyrics and sound, the production on Dreadnought is created specifically for headphone listening.
"While writing and recording Dreadnought, I went back to just listening to and absorbing everything I could get my hands on. My wife bought me an MP3 player and I got a Rhapsody subscription. And I love it. I listened to the new High On Fire and Jose Gonzalez discs and everything in between pretty much non-stop. Almost like I did when I started playing guitar. Except now, music is my drug.", says Sanders.
A physical Dreadnought CD with full artwork by Jeff Gaither will be available at the official Mountain Mirrors website ( ) on Friday, February 22nd. CD Baby will also carry the cd and handle all digital distribution to iTunes, Rhapsody and other major digital online stores.
Says the Ripple Effect about Mountain Mirrors, "Imagine if you will, walking through a forest that's enshrouded in dense fog. Visibility is only a few hundred feet in any direction. Moisture glistening off of the surrounding foliage as your breath bellows from your mouth in a cloud of steam. The crunch of leaves and decay under every footstep being the only sound to accompany the animal-like howl of the wind. Kinda' creepy out here all alone, huh? That's the power of Mountain Mirrors."
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