Friday, February 22, 2008

Learn to play with iVideosongs

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have created an army of people who want to make the leap from plastic controllers to real instruments. iVideosongs ( ) just launched and it makes it fun and easy to learn songs from the actual artists who wrote them, as well as world-renowned instructors. Their growing catalog already includes songs ranging from classic to contemporary acts, including The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and 3 Doors Down.
Some interesting stats:
- 54% of US households have a least one active musician.
- $18 billion - amount spent on instruments and lessons in 2004.
- Studies show that music students score higher in math (41 pts. higher on the SAT), science, and reading than non-music students.
- The combined net worth of the nation's Forbes 400 wealthiest list climbed to $1 trillion this year-most are musically trained.

iVideosongs samples:
Overview (Founder & John Oates - Hall & Oates)
Beatles songs (Giles Martin)

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