Monday, February 25, 2008

Zera Vaughan to perform at Tangier

Zera Vaughan’s Back To The Roots brings the essence of world music to the forefront. Nomadic harmonies, pop laden rhythms wrapped in diverse musical groves only begin to describe the riveting sound that the North African artist has originated. Zera will be performing at Tangier (2138 Hillhurst Ave.) in Los Angeles on Friday, March 21 at 8 p.m. (Tickets: $10.00).
Born to a dancer mother and a painter father, the half-French, half-English songstress has skillfully integrated the musical and cultural experiences of her life into a sound that is as much her own as it is homage to the world of music that inspires her.

Vaughan’s creative journey began in her home town of Tunisia, led her to the U.K. and later Paris, where she studied at the Paris Music Conservatory. Her contemporary world/pop/techno turned her into a featured performer on the lounge circuit throughout France. Once in Los Angeles the singer was tapped to perform at a number of venues and programs including the famed Whiskey, The Gig, The Lava Lounge and the celebrated Morning Becomes Eclectic radio program on KCRW FM.

Back to the Roots is an 11-song collection with a direct reflection of her multi-cultural artistic experience and lifelong celebration of the joy and intrigue that is world music. Produced and recorded in Los Angeles with her musical collaborator the Israeli-born Amir Efrat, Back To The Roots dances sinuously from the exotically scented bazaars of North Africa, to the smoky jazz clubs of Paris and the chilled out club rooms of London and L. A. She is world music revamped to exponential levels.

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