Wednesday, February 20, 2008 announces best 25 band logos

The editors of Spinner have just named the best 25 band logos of all time. Head into any high school in the past 30 years and its common place to find logos from bands like Kiss, Korn and Metallica sketched out the back of notebooks, carved out on desks or adorned as buttons or stickers on backpacks and jackets. Videos might have killed the radio star, but logos still hold water as a band's ultimate calling card and can be just as memorable as its biggest single.
The list includes modern bands like Scissor Sisters (#7) and Nine Inch Nails (#24) to classics like The Grateful Dead (#8) and AC/DC (#6). At number one, who else but Prince or The Artist Formally Known As Prince. As a form of protest against his record label, Prince felt the need to abandon his moniker. In 1993, he adopted his logo, which he termed the "Love Symbol" and incorporates the glyphs for Mars (male) and Venus (female), as his actual -- and unpronounceable -- name. He even turned it into several custom guitars.

25. The Ramones
24. Nine Inch Nails
23. Public Enemy
22. Korn
21. Aerosmith
20. Black Flag
19. Phish
18. H.I.M
17. The Beats
16. Bauhaus
15. The Cramps
14. Metallica
13. ABBA
12. WU-TangClan
11. Queen
10. Van Halen
9. The Misfits
8. The Grateful Dead
7. Scissor Sisters
6. AC/DC
5. The Who
4. Kiss
3. Yes
2. The Rolling Stones
1. Prince

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