Friday, March 28, 2008

End o' week musings

Ahhhhh sweet Friday! It means two days of something more completely different! But I digress....

Last Friday my friend, Cindy, who is a sewing wiz, went with me to the Pasadena Playhouse to see "Mask." Even though I had seen previews, I must admit I was slightly skeptical of it being turned into a musical- but it worked! And it was fantastic! The cast was good, the voices were strong, the sets were interesting. I would definitely recommend this show for an evening out.

Saturday I had my exercise classes and then ran errands and cleaned house. OK, not too exciting, but these things must be done. Especially when I had plans to go to church in the morning with my friends. The sermon at Calvary Chapel in La Mirada was moving and also funny. My favorite part was when the pastor told the congregation that anyone who thought Easter chocolate and candy was pagan, they should feel free to donate it to the church and he would be happy to eat it, afterall, God made chocolate for us to enjoy!

On Monday Zaynah and I met with our former dance teacher Shahira at El Ranchero in Claremont. The venue has a great happy hour with really good drink specials and yummy appetizers. Two margaritas and a plateful of Mexican munchies later we parted happily, vowing to meet up there again soon.

Last night I trekked out to Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park to see Brian Kenny Fresno. I was feeling sad for him when I walked in because the place was on the empty side, but by the time Frenso hit the stage there was a good-sized crowd. The audience really got into his show and I had the honor of being the official "raisin girl" of the night, in charge of passing the chalice of raisins to his fans.

It was also a Flotsam night, which meant a range of different acts, with a raffle in between each one. I'm strangely lucky with raffles and won a kitchy jewelry box decorated with cactus, a man snoozing in a sombrero and the word Mexico. It's really cute and I put it on display in my living room.

Tonight I will be heading out to the Pasadena Museum of History for a soiree for people who have been featured in its recent exhibit, "The Purse and the Person." I'm in the slideshow. The show closes this Sunday, so if you want to see me, plus all the other cool stuff on display, visit for information.

Tomorrow I'm off to exercise and dance practice and Sunday I will be going with my family to the Wisteria Festival in Sierra Madre. My friends Aluminum Marshmallow and the Age of Aquarius Horns are playing in Memorial Park at 3 p.m. You should check them out if you can. The entire event is free and includes art, music, food, vendors and lots o' fun.

Next week my big day will be Friday, when Zaynah and I will be dancing at 1st Friday Art Night at McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena. There will be exhibits by more than 30 artists from all over California, live music, a DJ, belly dancing (that's us), food and more. All for only $5! 7 p.m.-1 a.m. April 4. For directions and more, visit

Lastly, I have to brag. I often describe Atticus, my faithful Jack Russell terrier, as a little dog in search of big adventure and sometimes adventure finds him. Perhaps this isn't quite his idea of an adventure, but Atti has been named Pet of the Month by Bamboo pet products and I think that's pretty cool. You can see his photo and read about him by visiting and then signing up for the newsletter.

Bamboo even sent Atticus a prize! I already know what it is because I accidentally opened it (his name wasn't on the package) - he received three fun toys and a very soft blanket. I'm going to keep them all in the box and surprise him with the gift!

Photos we got 'em: Submitted for your approval, I am sharing two photos from my friend Roc (could this be the real Easter bunny?), two pet pix that made me grin and a photo of my friend Sabrina with her son Lucian in New Zealand.

In rotation this week: "The Little Mermaid" soundtrack, I Am Ghost, Lillian Axe, Graham Russell, Offspring, Queen, Sligo Rags and Brian May's "Back to the Light."

Thought of the week: Letting go can make a huge difference in your life. Lately I've been relating the story of my struggle over a friendship that has soured. In the process, I have discovered that it is true- when God closes a door, he opens a window. I have been letting go of this relationship, one sec, let me clarify - I had already cut it off, but my emotions were still a mess... Any way, a new friend has come into my life, who makes me feel special and wonderful. We have the best talks and laugh and just get along great! The strangest thing is that over the past week friends and co-workers have all been commenting that I look better (some say younger even!) and my voice sounds better. Could all that negativity been weighing me down that much? Perhaps. The more I have let go, the more I feel lifted. Parting is not necessarily such sweet sorrow....

Keep on rockin'

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