Monday, March 31, 2008

Richard Smith to perform at the Fret House

Thursday April 3rd
Richard Smith and Julie Adams
The Fret House
309 N Citrus
Covina Ca 91723
626 339 7020


Miss Havisham said...

I read two stories in the Sunday PSN that were so interesting. One was about local artist, and someone who's work I admire at the Gallery At The End Of the World, J.D. Lovejoy. I was fascinated with the display of Tea Machines in one of the campy trailers out in the patio.

The other story about the Renaissance Faire--I haven't been in years.

Both stories written/reported by you. Michelle, you are quite the delight!

Mickie said...

Thank you. I would like to add that you can see more of J. D. Lovejoy's work at
He rocks! I promise to keep the stories coming, especially for delightful readers like you, Miss Havisham.