Friday, August 29, 2008

End o' week musings

Boy! Do I ever need to get some sleep! But then, I'm not dead yet...

Last Friday I headed out to the Dockside in West Covina to catch The Subs offering up their solid and fun sets of rock, R&B, soul, blues and all sorts of stuff in between.

On Saturday I visited Bluebeard at the rehearsal studio. The group was hot in the late '70s and early '80s and has managed to garner a bit of a comeback. They've updated their classic rock sound a tad and are quite kind to the ear, as well as banging enough for the head. I urge you to catch these boyz live.

After that, I went out to the CD release party for The Safety Girls. This quartet is not only cute and perky, but they can sing and dance too. They put out tunes on safety subjects for children with tight harmonies and music that won't become annoying to parents who may have to listen to it over and over.

I ended my evening by stopping in at the Buccaneer in Sierra Madre to see Jo Jo's Boxcar. They had the joint rockin' and closed the place out with a full crowd hankering for more.

Sunday I went to a belly dance party and shook my groove thing. I also bought a cool copper coin belt that jingles even when you're standing still-- just wait for my shimmies!!

Monday, Ernest Borgnine was at the South Pasadena Public Library, so I took a drive and went out to see him. I brought along his autobiography and waited in a super long line for him to sign it. What a slice of history he is! And a treasure to Hollywood....

The remainder of my week has been filled with dance practices, as we're preparing for a slew of gigs in the coming weeks, including this weekend... but I'll get to that.

Tonight I'm going to go to the Pasadena Playhouse to see the new musical, "Vanities."

Saturday I'm taking part one of artist Dave Lovejoy's Raku class. I will be learning how to work a pottery wheel and then running off to get gussied up and back out for the Metal Masters Tour in Devore. I can hardly wait to see Heaven and Hell, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Testament!!

On Sunday I will be performing. Here's the skinny, should you want to catch my act:

Sunday Salon
Noon-dusk Sunday, Aug. 31
Performance 3 p.m.
~ Group show and sale of work by emerging & established artists ~
McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World
2475 N. Lake Ave.

Monday I'm heading into the studio to record backups for a friend's album...

Sleep... oh no, not me... Perhaps next Friday I can sleep in. It will be my birthday, so that would be a great present.

Photos we got 'em: Just a couple of pet pics that made me smile.

In rotation this week: Tom Petty, Wicked Tinkers, Tribe of Gypsies, Orange Sky, Judas Priest, Joe Walla, The Offspring, Motley Crue and Sound and Fury.

Thought of the week: Let it be. You can't force things to be how you want, like making someone love you or getting someone to do things the way you think they should be done. You can only plant the seed and nurture it. Keep reaching out, even if you are not embraced. Keep talking and supporting, even if you are met with silence. Keep loving, not expecting anything in return. A little more of this would make the world a better place and, perhaps, you will eventually get what you need.
Keep on rockin'

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