Friday, August 29, 2008

Watch for toxic plants, get a job with the ASPCA and more

It's Not Easy Being Green: Popular Plants Poisonous to Pets
Before bringing plants inside for the chilly months or sprucing upyour halls with fall foliage, we'd like to remind you, pet parents, that many species of plants are toxic to animal companions. Our experts have prepared a list of plants to avoid along with some healthy suggestions that'll keep your home colorful--and safe!--when winter arrives.

ASPCA Job of the Week
Know how to charm a stranger? The ASPCA is looking for a full-time Customer Service Representative to meet and greet potential pet parents visiting the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City. We're searching for a friendly face to answer questions and assist the public with the adoption process. If you're exceptionally diplomatic and boast experience in a service-oriented environment, you may be the one!

The ASPCA offers generous benefit packages for full-time employees. An added bonus is time to play with dogs and cats during your lunch break! Please submit your resume and salary requirements for our prompt consideration.

Happy Bergh-Day to You!
Stick a candle in your morning muffin, give your pet a big hug and join us in celebrating the birthday of ASPCA founder Henry Bergh. Born on August 29, 1813, Bergh founded the ASPCA in New York City in 1866, and set to work on the society's mission.

In addition to helping to pass a much more effective anti-cruelty law for New York State, Bergh inspected slaughter houses and stables, lectured in schools, spoke out against dog fighting, horse racing and circuses, and supplied daily drinking water to the horses who pulled carts and streetcars in Manhattan. By the time of his death in 1888, humane societies had sprung up throughout the nation.

Thank you, Henry, and happy birthday!
Check out our special animated Henry Bergh ecard (warning: goofy equine sidekick alert!) and feel free to send it to all the animal lovers you know.

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Serena said...

Hi Mickie,

I noticed your blog post talks about how people can help animals. My sisters and I have a band called Truth On Earth. We write, produce, and sing original songs about major problems in the world such as Factory Farming, Cyberbullying, Starvation and Child Abuse to name a few. 70% of our profits go to those who are working on real solutions so that we can get earth on track and leave a planet worth inheriting to future generations. We would appreciate any networking suggestions you might have that would help us get the word out to a wider audience. At you can hear our music and read more about our mission. We just added our first music video "Factory Farm" to our youtube page as well. You can email me at

Hope to hear from you. Thanks,

Mickie said...

Hello Serena,

Yes, I like to share items on how we can make the world a better place with my readers. I would love to share your band with them too. I encourage everyone to check out Truth on Earth at I did and I love what they're doing!

Keep on rockin'