Friday, August 29, 2008

Stop in at One Sunset

Shared plates, creative cocktails and a restaurant that morphs into a lounge as the evening evolves make One Sunset the ultimate one-stop destination for a perfect night out on the Sunset Strip. The popular lounge has evolved its menu with Chef Jason Marcus, added new cocktails, weekly entertainment and introduced One Sunset Fridays hosted by Hollywood Entertainment Group with Pretty Boy Promotions to create a supper club and lounge atmosphere like nothing else in Los Angeles.

While One Sunset has embraced its roots by keeping to the design of shared tasting plates, Chef Jason Marcus brings his own flair to the menu by adding a number of new items to the menu. In a twist on the Japanese concept of okomase “I am in your hands”--guests can now sit back and enjoy the full measure of Chef Jason Marcus’ expertise by choosing “One of Almost Everything” from the menu. New to One Sunset and to a fusion menu generally, “One of Everything” picks various items from the menu while tailoring the amount of food to the number of guests in the party.

One Sunset Fridays welcomes the team of Hollywood Entertainment Group’s Devin Haman, Jeff Bozz and Alex Nicol with Pretty Boy Promotions’ Nic Goodwin and Jon Abrams. Following their successful launch August 15, the group has combined entertainment, celebrity and events to make Fridays the “Dinner and Dancing in One” destination at One Sunset. With a dance floor, complete dance lighting, DJ’s and a menu—served till 1:00AM—that lends itself to a supper club atmosphere, the night promises an energetic vibe that lasts until the early hours.

This Friday, August 29 features a birthday party for BENCH WARMER TRADING CARDS’ founder and CEO Brian Wallos and SUNSET TAN star Janae Alt and Molly Shea, Holly Huddleston and the entire cast of E’s Sunset Tan. BENCH WARMER TRADING CARD models and celebrity guests attending include Deal or No Deal standouts Lisa Gleave, Aubrie Lemon, Claudia Jordan, and Lisa Latakos; Dania Ramirez (Heroes); Megan Hauserman (House of Rock); Cecille Gahr (Beauty and the Geek); Christine Ballentine (Sports Illustrated swimsuit model); WWE Diva Candice Michelle; April Scott (Dukes of Hazzard); long-time Bench Warmers Mary Riley, Sandra Taylor, Bambi Lashell, Candice Kitia, Cat Miller, Tabitha Taylor, Denyce Lawton and many more. (other talent TBD)

With its signature low tables for mingling and relaxing, Daniel Maltzman’s fashionably modern art on the walls and newly added menu and drink options, One Sunset remains the hottest one-stop shop for Los Angeles nightlife.

“One Sunset is an evolving concept,” concludes One Group partner Erica Cohen “While we cherish the core concepts of One Sunset, we aim to both react to customers’ changing tastes by continually introducing something new, our regular customers will continue to enjoy all the things they love about One Sunset and that keep them coming back.”

About the One Group

The One Group landed in the United States just four years ago, and already operate a number of high profile venues including STK, One, Coco De Ville, Kiss And Fly, Bagatelle and Tenjune.

Prior to opening STK – LA, The One Group opened One Sunset in Los Angeles which became an instant classic, hosting a discreet parade of glitterati who love the food as much as the scene.

Expanding rapidly from its base in New York the company currently operates in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and is soon to open venues in other cities.

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