Friday, February 13, 2009

The Great Kat releases "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD

"Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time" (Guitar One Magazine)/"50 Fastest Guitarists Of All Time" (Guitar World Magazine)/Juilliard Graduate Violin Virtuoso-turned Guitar Shred Virtuoso unleashes today the REVOLUTIONARY and GROUNDBREAKING SHRED/CLASSICAL MASTERPIECE "BEETHOVEN'S GUITAR SHRED" DVD, available now at major retailers and at

This wild DVD stars The Great Kat's Guitar/Violin Virtuosity and finger-blistering guitar shredding of Classical masterpieces and original outrageously theatrical SPEED METAL Wagnerian Mini-Operas.

See DVD trailer at:

Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD Features:

7 Outrageous Shred/Classical Guitar Music Videos, including:

The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee - At the finger-blistering speed of 300 BPM!
Beethoven's 5th Symphony - Metal version of the world's most famous symphony!
Paganini's Caprice #24 - Kat dazzles on this technical virtuoso showpiece on guitar and violin!
Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3- The Great Kat shreds on 6 guitars & 3 violins!
Torture Techniques - Watch Kat's arsenal of Torture devices and abused victims!

Plus MORE Theatrical Metal Madness!
4 Shred BONUS Features:
Hot Kat Shred Photos! Shred Geniuses!
Kat Kartoon - A crazy cartoon of The High Priestess of Guitar Shred!

Watch excerpts from Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD:
DVD Trailer:

Music Videos Clips at:

Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD is distributed by Music Video Distributors (MVD) and is now available through major retail stores and online at, with a Suggested Retail Price of $8.00.

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