Friday, February 20, 2009

We Have Band coming to New York

Welcome to the world of We Have Band. The London-based three-piece that have everything going for them despite having been together for little over a year, not had any releases to their name (yet) and played just 50 live gigs. Described as a 'disco rock trio' who 'wear their influences like a flak jacket' they are Darren Bancroft (vocals, drums, percussion, sampler), Thomas WP (vocals, guitar, bass, programming) and Dede WP (vocals, percussion, sampler).

Having all originally met at EMI (all three of them were working desk jobs in the HQ), it was just last year that married couple Thomas and Dede informed Darren about the name of a new band they'd created and as Darren says "basically on the strength of the name I was like right I'm in!"

Indeed he is not the only one, the Guardian and NME recently wrote about how brilliant the title of We Have Band works, with the former discussing all possibilities of franchising the We Have bit and using it as a generic brand. Maybe one day, but for now the guys are focussing solely on their music having recently had their tracks 'Hear It In The Cans' and 'You Came Out' featured on Kitsune Maison 6 and the Puregroove compilation and this, their debut single 'Oh!' is out now in the UK on super hip indie 50 Bones (Little Boots,The Virgins).

Their sound is catchy, fun, familiar and classic-sounding but also unarguably their own, it's We Have Band, and that comprises of dark dance rhythms, washy electronic synths, post punk funk bass and individual pop vocals from each member, layered in a way that really makes them sound like nothing else today.

At the core 'Oh!' is an energetic dance track of the highest order, driven by layers of "oh, oh, oh's", frantic percussion and ESG inspired bass, it is also a great pop record and it will sound just as at home on the radio as it will on the dancefloor. In truth it's the perfect introduction to WHB as it sums up their sound just right but leaves you wanting more, which is exactly what will happen next year, including the release of their debut album scheduled for summer '09. Until then, check their myspace and come and see them play live at one of their many up-and-coming shows. We Have First Single. They Have Big Future.

US Dates
Friday March 13th 11:00pm - TRASH at The Studio @ Webster Hall (LIVE) - NewYork
Saturday March 14th 8:00pm - Piano's (LIVE) - New York
Saturday March 14th 12:00am - Le Royale (DJ SET) New York
Monday March 17th 10pm The Delancey - New York

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