Friday, February 13, 2009

Visit before giving a furry Valentine's Day gift

As you know, Valentine’s Day is always a huge day for people getting pets across the US. Many people head out to get their loved one a cute furry friend. So pet groups across the country gear up for a big day, there are pet events going on all over the place to get these animals into loving homes.

However, it is so important that people who make the decision to get a pet for Valentine’s Day adopt only! Over 7,000,000 animals are put to sleep every year in the US, and many of those cute homeless animals are sitting at local animal shelters waiting to be adopted this weekend! What better way to celebrate love then by going out and saving an animal’s life!

People looking to adopt this weekend can visit, the largest non-profit pet adoption Web site and can find a cute furry friend at their local shelter. Just put in your zip code, type of pet you’re looking for, and go down to the shelter or rescue group and save a life.

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