Thursday, February 19, 2009

Support disabled artist through Art of Possibility Studios

Ground-breaking artwork licensing agency Art of Possibility® Studios (, the only art brand exclusively representing physically disabled artists in a for-profit model, today announced the launch of its first licensed product - a collection of four bookmarks featuring fine art by disabled artists represented by the agency. The bookmarks, which mark a new era in both for-profit artwork licensing and self-reliant income opportunities for the disabled, have been developed and brought to market by Trends International ( - the leading publisher and manufacturer of posters, calendars, coloring activity kits and social stationery.

"These bookmarks showcase beautiful imagery and inspirational messages of hope and possibility that disabled artists wish to share with a broad audience in a professional career capacity," said Ketra Oberlander, founder of the Art of Possibility Studios - herself a blind artist whose award-winning paintings are also represented by the agency. "I applaud Trends International for their eagerness to develop a product line that, in addition to having mass consumer appeal, also helps disabled artists earn an autonomous living as societal equals rather than dependents."

The bookmarks (MSRP US$3.99/CAN$4.49) feature vibrantly colored images, each with an uplifting message about Love, Faith, Inspiration, or Perseverance on the front and a brief artist biography on the back. Also adorned with a decorative beaded tassel, the bookmarks have been thoughtfully designed to be a meaningful and treasured keepsake.

"These bookmarks, and other licensed products to follow, demonstrate our steadfast belief that good deeds are good business," continues Oberlander. "While the bookmarks have been lauded for their physical beauty, we hope consumers also take a moment to realize the magnitude of this simple purchase - direct support, liberation and empowerment of a physically disabled artist no longer dependent on charity and disability benefits, or oppressed by logistical limitations, in their quest for self-sufficiency."

Kolea Baker, president of Artists of Kolea Licensing Group, observes, "Ketra's business model embracing her own disability experience and background in art, coupled with a sincere desire to change the way people think about the handicapped, is truly inspiring. She is empowering artists to use their wonderful abilities to their greatest potential and not to fall victim to their physical challenges. Because of Ketra, capable, smart, talented handicapped artists are now considered and included as viable and valuable resources. It's about time. I look forward to watching Art of Possibility Studios become a permanent industry fixture."

Although Trends International's Art of Possibility bookmarks will soon be available through brick-and-mortar retail stores with locations to be announced, they are currently available for online purchase at

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