Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dfest accepting musician submissions through Friday

Dfest, the most comprehensive music festival and conference in the Midwest, is reminding all unsigned artists that they have until this Friday, March 27 to send in their submissions to play Dfest. This is the 8th year of Dfest which is held on July 24 and July 25 in downtown Tulsa.

Submission is open for artists who wish to be considered for a showcase to perform at Dfest 2009. Bands and artists must submit to Dfest one of two ways in order to play at Dfest. While Dfest features around 20 headliners each year on two large outdoor festival stages, Dfest also showcases around 130 unsigned and emerging artists from across the country on a multitude of stages in music venues in the Blue Dome District and includes a handful of those emerging artists as well on the outdoor festival stages that flank each end of the District.

Last week many past Dfest artists played at the first official Oklahoma showcase at SXSW.
In ordered to be considered for an opportunity to play at Dfest, all artists must apply for a showcase. Because Dfest is looking for career minded artists and because Dfest is providing networking opportunities with music industry insiders, the selection process is a juried process based on many determining factors that requires artists to go through the application process.

A simple email or inquiry to Dfest is not considered a submission. Application process ahead..

.There are two ways to apply for a showcase - Artists need only choose ONE.

The first way to apply is to fill out the online application after you have registered your band in the Dfest Artist Info Database located at and then follow instructions to include your confirmation email along with a complete presskit with bio/photo/press clippings, application fee of $15.00 and a CD with 3 or more songs and mail your complete package to the Dfest Post Office Box.

The second way to apply to Dfest is for artists who either have a SonicBids Account or wish to sign up for a SonicBids account and apply using the SonicBids EPK drop box. The SonicBids platform allows their registered users to maintain Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) and use their unique online submission platform to apply to a multitude of opportunities, including Dfest, around the country.

We get the question so often, we're simply putting the answer here and Dfest will not respond to any inquiries regarding this: If you do not have an account with SonicBids and do not wish to join their service, then simply fill out the DFEST online form which can be found in the Artist Info Area AFTER registering to our online artist database (free of charge to join Dfest database) and then apply by MAIL.

Note: There is a submission fee of $15.00 regardless of how you submit an application.

Additionally, simply registering in the Dfest artist database and/or just filling out the Dfest online application is not a complete submission - you MUST send a physical presskit/CD/application fee to have a complete submission OR complete your submission by using SonicBids. Once submissions are concluded on MARCH 27, 2009, we will delete any incomplete accounts in our database, so be sure to complete the process once you register your band/act in the Dfest artist database.

Dfest has quickly become one of the top independent music conferences in the nation as well as the Midwest's largest music festival of its type, and a hot bed for showcasing exciting new diverse musical talent. Dfest 2009 will be July 24-25, 2009, in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the Blue Dome District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Already have a SonicBids account? Then head over to the Dfest-SonicBids dropbox and get your submission in today!

Fueled by a diverse collection of national and top local acts, the high-energy music festival broke attendance records in 2008 and is positioned to be even larger in 2009. Dfest 2008 featured 150 artists representing more than 20 musical genres on a dozen stages in downtown Tulsa’s historic Blue Dome District.

The two-day multi-genre music festival fused with a music industry conference was established in 2002 to help emerging artists gain exposure and connect with the music industry. The conference consists of music panels, a tradeshow, music clinics and artist mentoring. Each night, national recording artists perform on large outdoor festival stages while top local, regional and national emerging artists perform on a multitude of outdoor stages, indoor venues and club stages.

Dfest has quickly become one of the top independent music conferences in the nation as well as the Midwest’s largest music festival of its type, and a hot bed for showcasing exciting new diverse music talent. For more information go to

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